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  1. I know I am a day late but Merry Christmas CGN

  2. Whats going on CGN how is everyone this morning????????

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    1. RDTechy


      HeyO KW! Caught up with Hitpoint today was a good watch with you. Some good solid tips for streamers :) 

    2. Khilnmer


      I'm still sleepy but have so much energy at the same time xD

  3. GG on Gamer of the WEEK!!!

  4. Congrats on winning Gamer of The Week!

  5. Let's play some @playoverwatch on @watchmixer mixer.com/kw-erion Time now GO!!!!!

  6. Hey Guys Sun Bonus stream @playoverwatch on @watchmixer mixer.com/kw-erion come hang 

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  7. KW-Erion

    NC Vet Fest

    Highlights and commentary from the NC Vet Fest vet appreciation tournament
  8. KW-Erion

    Help Your Fellow Human

    I challenge you to go help your fellow human!
  9. KW-Erion

    KW's Reapening

    Just some Reaper play in Overwatch the other team rage quit in most of the matches shown!!
  10. Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is everyone??


  11. What's up CGN??????

  12. For yall fisherman out there these are the rods I use to chase those trophy fish and win tournaments.   



    1. zheck


      Nice! Be sure to share it on the video section as well!

  13. Welcome to Unity Empowered J!!!