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  1. What am I missing? What didn't you do??

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      Immmmmmmm sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lostttttttttttttttttttt

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  2. CONGRATS for the birth of baby CGN.... The labor may have been a bitch but you getta watch it grow from tonight on. Enjoy your down time cause soon it's gonna be terrible TWOs...

  3. Pushing for this CGN app, wanting this app, thinking we got this APP!

  4. Hey, Kristi417! Thank you for the follow!

  5. Thank you for following me over six hours ago. I appreciate it. :)

  6. Hey Everyone!! In celebration of my Birthday coming up on Wednesday, I'm asking everyone to go to

    and make a donation to get this amazing app started. If we reach our goal of $2000, I will be giving a $100 giftcard to the person who donates the most!!!! 


    I am purposely trying to reach out to streamers that are already apart of the CGN community for the specific reason that I feel like they will be able too share with their communities why they joined and explain how an app will make it even easier for us all to connect. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY exchanged through me. I have spoken with Zach and he will be able to look on the kickstarter page and tell me who will get the giftcard. We have 4 days left, let's make this happen for us all!!


    1. Kristi417


      I will see what I can put up and let you know, lol Give-A-Way Train!!!!


    2. Kristi417


      Just did my $100. Dono, one step CLOSER!!!! Let's go

  7. thanks for the follow

  8. Thanks for following me!

  9. Thanks for the Follow!

  10. A little late on this, but.. Thank YOu For the Follow! Welcome to CGN, please visit the "Streams" section and add yours right to your page. Have you visited the "introductions" section in Discord or forums? #GameOn GL HF 

  11. @Kristi417Thank you for following me, I appreciate it and it mean a lot to me. I follow you back, stop by my stream sometime and I stop by stream as well. Welcome CGN, CGN is a social Media gamer website. CGN have great deal on games, clothes and etc, you talk to other streamer, give great advice with each other, support, follow and help each other to. The owner of CGN is Zack and unseenproof, they are an amazing guys, kindness, sweetness and grateful. Please follow me on Twitter, twitch, YouTube and CGN. I appreciate it and have a wonderful day.

  12. Tonight at 11:30 PM EST come through for the 24 Hour Throw Down at Da Royal Death Dome for a @CGN fundraiser to help kickstart the CGN APP. The host will be @QueenMami0405 and myself @Kristi417. It is guaranteed to be full of laughs, fun and craziness. Drop by and say Hello or jump in and play a few rounds with us.




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      Good afternoon Kristi. thanks for the follow. Much appreciated

  13. thank you for the follow i followed you back

    1. Kristi417
    2. KnightnWolf


      i resurrected my old Mixer account just to see your stream :3

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