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  1. https://xtri.network/2018/11/29/why-this-cyptocurrency-project-has-been-extremely-overlooked-project-triton/
  2. https://medium.com/@projecttriton/project-triton-stream-giveaway-with-neptune-beta-launch-triton-tuesday-11-21-2018-61eb79271090
  3. How is everyone doing! 


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    1. zheck


      Doing well. How are you?

  4. Hey guys its krakn, the lead developer of Triton. Are you interested in getting donations without the hassle of large fees or fear of charge-backs? Triton is launching Neptune Platform that will allow you to get donations through Triton a digital asset or cryptocurrency. We also have something called Neptune Mining. Viewers can download the upcoming neptune miner that will mine with unused resources on their computer and earn you Triton! It won't lag the stream or be taxing on their computer. We have a sign up sheet  here Any questions or concerns please ask! Sign up now and we make the fees even lower. 

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  5. How is everyone doing :D

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    1. Ikacake


      Pretty good 

    2. limabravo253


      I am good man just chilling at home 

    3. zheck


      Doing Well, about to heard to work :) 

  6. We at Triton just posted our weekly blog that talks about Triton, a cryptocurrency for esports/streaming. Check it out! https://medium.com/@bradley.neveu/triton-tuesday-6-12-2018-first-major-partnership-2365a416a6bf 

  7. Thanks for the follow 

  8. Welcome to CGN. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!


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