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  1. Hope you have a good time streaming bud! 

  2. KR155


    Hi my name is KR155 and welcome to my channel. I am aiming to make this one of the largest non affiliated non partnered channels on twitch. I'm in this for the laughs i can get. but for this to happen i need followers and follows are free. So click that follow button and lets make history together. I don't want to be an affilliate or a partner. I want a huge community that games together. You will see many games played here. But i mainly play Destiny 2, The Forest, Hellblade and overwatch. I'm level 40 so there isn't a game i probably haven't played. I am married and have a daughter. (you might hear them sometimes on stream) Anyway i'm rambling. Please enjoy your stay and let me know if there is anything you want to see me play then let me know.
  3. This thing on ???


    Hello everyone, sorry I've been a bit mute on here but the holidays are a bit busy, I have a big family and takes a while to go visiting. 


    Anyway I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and if you don't celebrate it then I hope you have a wonderful wednesday.... 


    Speak soon gamers. 

  4. doggo judges you.

  5. hello everyone ...

  6. Gonna be playing world of warcraft tonight at 9pm UK time. Come and join in. Click here for fun times....   Get to clicking people... #slamftw

  7. Good afternoon everyone. Happy Friday. Whats everyone up to this weekend?
    1. zheck


      Working on the mobile app.

    2. Legit_Dinosaur


      Good day good day! 

  8. Good evening cgn. How is everyone?  

  9. Voting is still underway for gamer of the week. go show some love for your favourite on the list. a vote for us over at slamvideos would be cool but you choose your own content creator.. click here to vote Gamer of the week.

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Best of luck buddy! 


  10. Thank you for the follow @KR155! Much appreciated! 😄

  11. , CGN 665369e8279145033a82afd9c1968ef8

    Re-share and Reply below to Enter!!
    We will let you all know who won tonight!

    free game.png

  12. Wanna thank @zheckfor his hard work these past few days on getting cgn back online.  i dont have any clue about running a website/business but it must be hard on the nerves. 

    Again thanks #cgn ftw

    1. zheck


      Thanks for the kind words 🙂 
      It was kind nerve racking for the first few days when the website was just down.
      But once we migrated and I knew what was going to happen.
      Wasn't too big a deal. Just have to work with what you are given essentially.

      Now it's just working with the design a bit, changing some colors here and there, and making sure everything is up and running efficiently. 

    2. KR155


      so far it's looking good. it can only get better from here.

  13. , KR155 9aa4ae43f71fd77b098d5ca4ee23c3bd

    Welcome back cgn. @zheck thanks for working hard to get this done. Now onto the next step.....

  14. Thanks for the follow btw bro!

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