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  1. /me eyes this place cautiously.. "I've been here before."

    What's up peoples; long time no see :) sorry for disappearing for a while, I had a craaaazy fun busy summer; how'd y'all's go?

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    As an affiliate, I can now relieve you of your hard-ear.... er, I mean, I can now accept bit-tips!

    Screenshot 2017-04-25 22.07.10.png

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  3. Stream is live; come hang out for the death metal and explosions ♥http://twitch.tv/kp0llux

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  4. Back at it ladies and germs; let's go to space! Stream's live, so come on by ♥


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  5. Hooooly shiiiit humblebundle is the real VIP this month; hookin it up with a ton of useful tools for streaming for under $15. Check it out if you're lookin to kick your stream up a notch.



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  6. So who else here plays Warships? What're your thoughts on the removal of stealth-firing?
    Personally it doesn't affect my play at all, since I almost never do DDs. Just curious what y'all think.

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  7. Sup nerds, sorry for being gone for a couple days but I'm baaaack <3

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    1. zheck


      Welcome back :D

      We got some cool updates rolling out this week.


    2. kp0llux


      Awesome! I can't wait to see the shiny new toys :D

  8. I did the thing; will you? :D

    , zheck fe40eeef22a7a1c0a11f210e9d6e5654

    CGN is Getting Verified Accounts!

    If you think you deserve one, request one!!





    verified accounts.jpg

    1. PureCoopGaming


      Does this also apply for people for members, such as myself, as I've literally just become a member on this site?

    2. kp0llux


      I don't see why not, per se, but you'd have to inquire with @zheckfor an official response on that one.

  9. Alrighty folks, let's shoot some shit up into space! Stream's live; come hang out at http://twitch.tv/kp0llux

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  10. : if anyone else is messin with the twitch desktop app, join my server :D



    1. BlueSuedeHaze


      How do you like it? I am not impressed, mainly because the screen is smaller, and those who are still using browser get huge lag when the streamer is on the app. I currently only stream from the XBoxOne so I am not sure if it's any better for the streamer.


  11. Sooo anyone else gonna be checkin out this Twitch Desktop App? I'm just downloading it now.

  12. Streaming some @WorldofWarships; come hang out for the ships and giggles ;) http://twitch.tv/kp0llux

  13. Goin live with more KSP Realism Overhaul; tryin to make it to the Moon!

    Hang out and watch at twitch.tv/kp0llux <3

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  14. Happy birthday to the inimitable @zheck! <3 Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this place!

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    1. zheck


      Thank you :D 

  15. Started a new RP-0 career in KSP, stream in less than half an hour;

    come watch humans do Kerbal things at twitch.tv/kp0llux


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