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  1. /me eyes this place cautiously.. "I've been here before."

    What's up peoples; long time no see :) sorry for disappearing for a while, I had a craaaazy fun busy summer; how'd y'all's go?

    As an affiliate, I can now relieve you of your hard-ear.... er, I mean, I can now accept bit-tips!

    Screenshot 2017-04-25 22.07.10.png

  3. Stream is live; come hang out for the death metal and explosions ♥http://twitch.tv/kp0llux

  4. Back at it ladies and germs; let's go to space! Stream's live, so come on by ♥


  5. Hooooly shiiiit humblebundle is the real VIP this month; hookin it up with a ton of useful tools for streaming for under $15. Check it out if you're lookin to kick your stream up a notch.



  6. So who else here plays Warships? What're your thoughts on the removal of stealth-firing?
    Personally it doesn't affect my play at all, since I almost never do DDs. Just curious what y'all think.

  7. Sup nerds, sorry for being gone for a couple days but I'm baaaack <3

    1. zheck


      Welcome back :D

      We got some cool updates rolling out this week.


    2. kp0llux


      Awesome! I can't wait to see the shiny new toys :D

  8. Alrighty folks, let's shoot some shit up into space! Stream's live; come hang out at http://twitch.tv/kp0llux

  9. : if anyone else is messin with the twitch desktop app, join my server :D



    1. BlueSuedeHaze


      How do you like it? I am not impressed, mainly because the screen is smaller, and those who are still using browser get huge lag when the streamer is on the app. I currently only stream from the XBoxOne so I am not sure if it's any better for the streamer.


  10. Sooo anyone else gonna be checkin out this Twitch Desktop App? I'm just downloading it now.

  11. Streaming some @WorldofWarships; come hang out for the ships and giggles ;) http://twitch.tv/kp0llux

  12. Goin live with more KSP Realism Overhaul; tryin to make it to the Moon!

    Hang out and watch at twitch.tv/kp0llux <3

  13. Happy birthday to the inimitable @zheck! <3 Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this place!

    1. zheck


      Thank you :D 

  14. Started a new RP-0 career in KSP, stream in less than half an hour;

    come watch humans do Kerbal things at twitch.tv/kp0llux


  15. Woot! I start my job training on Wednesday! :D

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