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  1. @kmd011Thanks you for following me on CGN, it mean a lot to me, I appreciate it a lot. I follow u back, come by my stream sometime, I come by your stream to and welcome To CGN.

  2. I am not sure which one, but it was a Sonic game on our old Sega Dreamcast!
  3. Thanks for the Follow!

  4. Hi everyone! I would really appreciate it if you would check out and consider following www.twitch.tv/overlordsina. He is a new streamer trying to build a base. He plays a variety of games including Overwatch, Dota 2, League of Legends, Dead by Daylight and more. As for personality, he has a bit of self-deprecating humor and sarcasm, but he doesn't generally get salty. Please consider checking him out and helping his stream grow!



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  5. Hi, kmd!!! Thanks for the follow!! I just returned the favor to you! O:)

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  6. Thanks for the follow. Hope you're having a great day or night. :D  

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    1. kmd011


      You as well =) 

  7. Helping Overlordsina out with his Twitch stream tonight. If you like Dead by Daylight, you should come on by!



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  8. Hey ! 

    Thank you for the follow, did one back! 

    if you would like to come on my streams too you are more then welcome! hope you will have fun there !


    cya around! :)

    1. kmd011


      I will check it out! Please feel free to check out my stream also at https://twitch.tv/kat_kaie or my spouse's stream at https://twitch.tv/overlordsina! 

      We'd love the chance to get to chat with you

  9. Hey! Thanks much for the follow on here!

    If you ever get the chance, stop by my twitch sometime for some salty game rage fun time!


    I'm on almost everyday yelling through some campaign or another, and on weekends doing the same through retro Genesis and SNES titles!

    hope to see you soon!


  10. Thank you for the follow and welcome to CGN!

    If you feel like it make sure to check out my Streams on twitch.tv/crimsonraven85

    and my Youtube channel on youtube.com/c/CrimsonRaven

  11. Thanks for the follow!!! B)

  12. Thanks so much for the follow. #GameOn

  13. Join @SinaNoctic, Zahu, and Prince playing Dead by Daylight for they spend the evening Surviving with Friends! https://www.


  14. Thanks for the follow (:

    1. kmd011


      You are very welcome =) 

  15. Thanks for the follow!

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