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  1. Thanks for the follow doll

  2. Live in 10 mins. Games Night!! Come play some games. Game requests are on. In chat: !gl to see the list !gr to request a game. $5 steam card giveaways! https://www.twitch.tv/kiri_b0t/

  3. A b0t, a panda, a poops and a goat all walked into a PUBG .....  let the multi shenanigans begin! http://kadgar.net/live/kiri_b0t/teachmehowtopoop @shaftedpandas @LearnedHowToPoo @SbrSquad @TwitchStarsTV 

  4. Hope you all have had/having an amazing day! Going live with some PUBG now!  https://www.twitch.tv/kiri_b0t

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  5. What a day! Taking a moment to thank everyone who has supported me so far! From the friends that play with me to the follows/hosts/donos. Today I reached my dono goal for the cam! #1stepcloser To top off an amazing day @stealthrg raiding with 3900 friends! Thanks again everyone!

  6. Going live soon doing some things with the people things. https://www.twitch.tv/kiri_b0t/  @sbrsquad Love!

  7. Fancy some light fun? Live in 10 mins. Games Night with Game Requests Check upcoming panel for info !gncoms in chat https://www.twitch.tv/kiri_b0t/

  8. So it isnt gaming - but my best friend is a creative music streamer and is singing us some songs. You wont regret checkin this out! https://www.twitch.tv/samueltuckeryoung

  9. When I was younger my dad had a commodore 64. The first game I remember playing was called Montezuma's Revenge. Damn them skeleton heads!
  10. For me, a viral clip went around about a guy who was raiding on WoW. During the raid that he was live streaming, his area was hit by an earthquake that registered as 7.5 on the scale. Even so, he to the best of his ability while the house was clearly shaking ,continued the raid. When I was viewing the clip I saw he was live so I went in and said hi.
  11. Heya, so, I watch a lot of creative streaming on twitch. What I did was looked through the creative section and checked out streams of peoples work I found was to my liking. I then asked them if they did commissions, which most do. Most also live stream while they work on it so you can be there and give live feedback as they do it. If you would like some names of people that commission, check my twitch profile under My creative friends in my panels and click on their names for links
  12. My user name came about because I randomly generated a user name for World of Warcraft. It came up as Tirine. I have a weird *thing* for the letter K so I replaced the T with a K. Over time people just started calling me Kiri. When I made my twitch account I just had Kiri with some numbers because when I made the account it was just cos a friend wanted to show me something about 5 years ago. I only started watching and participating in various Twitch communities at the beginning of this year. Over the year, the number of channels I became moderator for somehow just grew. In one of the streams one night as I went about my meet n greets to anyone and everyone who came into the channel, the regulars were laughing saying I was the channels bot. Incoming name change and Kiri_b0t was born. It has been interesting as many times I hear "I thought you were a real bot". Breaks my heart really, i AM a real b0t hahah
  13. Hey thanks for the follow! If you can please check out my twitch channel as well! www.twitch.tv/manynuggets345. Ill be sure to check you out and give a follow also!

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    1. kiri_b0t


      Hey Hey friend! Thank you also for the follow! I booped on your twitch follow button, looking forward to catching your stream! 

    2. dillpickles


      thanks! see you around at the streams ;)

  14. A PUBG party live in about 20 mins! BYO frypans!! https://www.twitch.tv/kiri_b0t/

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  15. Oop whats that? A multi PUBG strim with @ProjectKiwiRock  Heck yes!! 15 mins its on! http://kadgar.net/live/kiri_b0t/projectkiwirock

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