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  1. im alive lol

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  2. oooooooooooooooooooooooh

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  3. KillPainHatersTV

    Club Pages are Back!

    cool feature
  4. Im alive and well. lol 

  5. Working like a fool. lol gguiugiogi.thumb.png.dc0287c283b782669fb8a31e079620d0.png

  6. What a wonderful day. Who knows I might actually stream for a change. lol gguiugiogi.thumb.png.dc0287c283b782669fb8a31e079620d0.png

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  7. damn 85 notifications from streams 

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  8. Damn I never post on here


  9. gguiugiogi.thumb.png.dc0287c283b782669fb8a31e079620d0.png

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  10. ooooooooooooooooooooo

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  11. lol OBS is funny. 

  12. KillPainHatersTV

    Pre stream rituals!

    I go to the bathroom before stream begins because it's gonna be a long time before I can go pee or poop again. lol On a serious note I make sure I join the follow train on this site http://www.followtrain.tv/giveaway/?voted=true&vip=killpainhaterstv so new viewers can notice my stream before hand and I use Restream to connect to multiple sources and soon on CGN I will eventually buy the $15 feature my stream option to boast my viewer count even more. And lastly I use Deepbot and make sure all my bots are ready and active before streaming because sometimes things mess up either with OBS Studio or connections, etc. I check my mic/lighting/cam and all before streaming. Lastly, I may post link to all my social media sites. Then take a deep breath and go live. ;)
  13. Wow I'm so bored today. Still working on improving my stream layout on OBS. lol 

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  14. Thanks for the follow :D

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