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  1. Just simple plan taht is passionate about his gaming life 🙂
  2. 12pm est come chill out with me on Call of Duty Black ops 3

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  3. cruising in my 64 on THE CREW twitch.tv/kidfamou5 lets bros and gals

  4. omg i havent posted anything in a minute since my pc died but i am back!!!

  5. lets get lit home gonna play some call of duty black ops to start the day off right!!!!!

  6. baby let me be your hero i can save you from all the pain in dc universe online xD come chill homies

  7. come watch me die and cry all over again with dark souls. come laugh have fun and hit that follow button for some serious SALT

  8. slayers and the slaying lets do it 2x xp with the viewers on call of duty black ops 3 going for GLOD prestige master time!!!

  9. time for more of the dark souls salt to progress in my veins!!!!!! lets hope aboard the dying train homiesssssss!!!!!

  10. our schedule for today is.... FUN ni chat lets go boys lets huddle up for some chill times stop on by and say whats up!!

  11. doing a chill stream of DCU and maybe dark souls to wrap up the day!!!! come hand frands and what not!!

  12. probably gonna have a flip out today as i play the 1st dark souls for the 1st time EVER its gonna a painful 1 but come hang guys and gals

  13. were gonna have a fun time today... we will not be salty... we will not rage as i play call of duty black ops 3 i will be a happy unicorn and flap my wings to happy land.... come chill with me show some love!!

  14. okkkkk so now have that call of duty black ops 3 bug in me so ya know what it is guys gonna pub stomp with the viewers and followers!!!! come chill and watch the rage pour through dont forget to smash that foll...

  15. come save the world with me on DC UNIVERSE ONLINE and be the heroes we need!!!!!!!!

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