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  1. Hey guys, i used to be an active member of this community a long long time ago but i kind of forgot about it. I'm back today to bring your attention on an upcomming game which is currently in development. If you liked Ultima Online and other Sandbox style fantasy MMOs back in the days, this might be the game for you. I'm not so good at describing things so i will leave a article from MassivelyOP and the actual game's website for you to discover : Massevily OP article : https://massivelyop.com/2019/01/05/reworld-lets-you-build-your-own-fantasy-mmo-world/ Reworld Online Website : https://reworldonline.com/
  2. Well Dom ... I think we can all agree we need a video tutorial on how to make a Pizza. Altho, a lot of new streamers seem to have difficulty with how to set OBS properly, the dreadful AUDIO settings, how to do an overlay, etc etc. A basic "How to start" would be cool. I'd do one if i wasn't lazy
  3. I mostly go for smaller streams, it's easier to interact with the streamer. If i wanted to look at a video and not interact i'd probably be on youtube. Webcam and good sound is a must. I don't care that much about the video quality (unless it's all blurry) but the audio is the most important. I rarely watch streams for the game itself, it's mostly about the streamer. Even tho i have unfollowed a few people for their game choices on an extended period.
  4. I did DKC 1 - 2 - 3 a few months back. Remembered enjoying the games and beating them as a kid. But i had quite a surprise after all those years and trying it again, they were WAY harder than i remembered. Good luck with those
  5. Welcome to CGN, Kheiroplays :)

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