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  1. METROIDVANIA GAMES YOU MUST PLAY BEFORE YOU DIE! #Metroidvania #metroid #games This my own list of Metroidvania game that I feel didn't get well-deserved love, this not a list in order, and there no new well know games. These are games that people barely talk or that never came out of their own region. I hope you enjoy this list as much as I did making it for you guys and welcome to MUST PLAY BEFORE YOU DIE SERIES! Twitch: Twitter: Facebook page: Instagram:
  2. Yo today is becoming a  great day!!!  Gain a few more subs  almost at my first goal of 100 hope to reach that by the end of next month  if not is ok 😁 I will grind the best I can. Hope everyone  else is having  a wonderful  day and if you have not checked  my channel give it a chance if you like what you see why not drop a sub 😁

  3. Legit my favorite  part of this video 😂

    Come and check it out in at:




    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      That gif hahaah! 

  4. Hope everyone  is having  an amazing day,  and if you at work like me please don't bust your ass take it easy 😁 

  5. Almost to the Final countdown  bito bitoooo bitobitobito bi bito bitooooo bito bito  😂 I'm done, I'm going legit crazy my bad.
    Hey why not go ahead and help this man get to those 100, buttttttttttrt please only sub if you actually  like what you see.


  6. Just in case by the time of this upload we are in 82 subs sooooooo close to the 100!!!! This video was supposed to come out a few days ago, but I been busy with other stuff. Like I say guys thank you so so so so so so so much for all the help and love you have shown me, it has been really impressive you guy have shown me that I'm welcome to the community!!!
  7. Welp I hope everyone is doing amazing today!!! Keep up the grind bruhs because nothing come easy all come with hard work, the more you work the more you show people that you are passionate on what you do!! Don't let nobody say its impossible, because one thing I know for sure is that there nothing impossible in this life. just saying  😁

    1. zheck


      You have an amazing day as well! 😄 

  8. ok  tell what is the most weird metroidvania you have ever played?

    my would be  Ufouria: The Saga 


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      ah  a classic! 

    2. Kentantino


      Hell yeah I love this game sooo much I actually  found about it doing my research  for my review on mr.gimmick XD

    3. Legit_Dinosaur


      ohhhhh niceee! 

  9. yeah my wife really want to put them in the trash hahahahahaha
  10. Welp GeekyN8 tag me over twitter and here we are!!!! I hope you enjoy this side video it was really fun to do I don't know much people in the Funko pop world. I'm kinda shy when it comes to sharing some of the stuff that I do with others even do it don't look like it lol thanks to DoYouNerd And once more To GeekyN8 for the tag! Twitch: Twitter: Facebook page: Instagram:
  11. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!!!!! Question for all of you what is you favorite platformer of all times? my would be banjo-kazzoie 


    1. _itsProphet


      I have to throw Conkers bad fur day in there

    2. Kentantino


      yeeahhhh Conkers was super amazing game! 

    3. _itsProphet


      It really was! But i also love Banjo too. All very good games!

  12. This was my very, very, very first review after I stop doing commentary videos and I'm actually happy I did so I hope you enjoy as much as I did shout out to Rawman because without him I won't be doing what I do now.
  13. Mr. Gimmick is an amazing retro game that never got released on the state. Hope you enjoy this video
  14. Always wonder why people don't put the reasons they disliked a video..... If you don't like a video just put a fair criticism on the video it will let the creator know what he may have done wrong. They forget the dislikes don't affect  your channel at all is engangement for you youtube have repeted this many many times before. Just wonder how hard it explain the why you didn't  like something  I feel the there still people that think dislikes are like an end game  for some.. It always  have made little sense to be. Anyways, people stay fancy keep creating. 


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