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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/chii1234 please come check myself stream some paragon on ps4 the game is currently updating i'll be streaming in a bout a few minutes #CGN #TwitchStreamer #GirlsWhoStream #PS4 i was going to stream straight to youtube but i thought nahhh maybe another time when i have everything all set up ect lol xD 


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    1. zheck


      Don't forget to connect your Live Stream to your profile



    2. ReAnimateHer


      Great stream today! 

  2. heyyy nerds and nerdettes i'm streaming overwatch come pop by and say hi https://www.twitch.tv/chii1234

  3. i may do an hours or two stream tonight just cause just wish i was good at setting up things properly lol T^T i loose all motivation to even stream lately T^T 

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    1. Reeveoson


      Head up chief. You'll do fine #gamersyear

  4. Kchewie13

    interweb gaming greetings everyone~

    Yeah I'm glad too it's so friendly here :3
  5.  Please check out my first overwatch video I made it was my first time playing as tracer last night and I thought I would make a video on it 13 minutes long tho T.T woops I will try make more videos sorter plus I am still trying to get the hang of editing with the ps4 video editing xD I will get this right at some point xD

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  6. This site should have its own play store and apple app 😁😁😁

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    1. UnseenProof


      We actually had a app on the IOS and Google Play Store lol but we updated the site so yea there goes that money ..but we will def have a new one coming in the Future. Thak You For The Great Thought @Kchewie13

  7. Kchewie13

    interweb gaming greetings everyone~

    I play overwatch in both platforms but I'm a bit shy to talk to people at times so slowly working up the courage to start talking to new people online lol I also play 7 days to die on ps4 most multiplayer games I normally play on xbox one but I will also soon be changing my name on xboxone as it's not the my normal name haha for it lol thanks for the welcome I think my first time playing the nes was at my first anime convention was quite fun actually lol
  8. Welcome to CGN! Many thanks for the follow; we hope you have a wonderful stay :) if you've any questions, feel free to ask around; most of us don't bite lol cheers again and have a great day!

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    1. UnseenProof


      love the love lol

  9. hello so first of my name well i go by many but you guys can call me kirsty or kchewie or kchu for short my hobbies are Games, Anime, Cosplay, ComicBooks, Music, movies, tv shows, and more gaming. i am completely new to the whole streaming thing but i have been on and off for the past 2 years i am on platforms of an Xbox One and a PS4 XboxOne Gamertag is zombiegirl11223 PS4 gamertag is kchewie13 my Twitch link is https://www.twitch.tv/chii1234 I am from Glasgow, Scotland (its in the UK) i have been gaming on and off since i was a tiny tot my first console was a SNES then it was a SEGA Megadrive then it was a gameboy color then it was the Playstation 1 then so on you get the picture lol but i played with so many consoles in my past i never forget my first time playing the SNES nintendo introduced me to the world of video games Thank you Japan! from time to time i get emotionally attached to a game that i will complete it with out a doubt. for me at the moment telltale games are my thing its the same with any games to do with the butterfly effect i am so into it like i will complete them all lol. who told me about this site i found out threw a friend of mine and i thank her so much. ^_^
  10. i shall be making a video of until dawn and uploading it to my youtube later tonight ^_^ hopefully i can do it all before the mr comes home from work ^_^


  11. Welcome to CGN. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.