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  1. Sharing with you a little eso art before I head to bed. Sweet dreams!





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  2. I hope you all have an amazing day full of magical things! 


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    1. zheck


      Good morning

  3. 🔴[LIVE NOW] We're going live! 



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  4. We're going live! Learning trials in Elder Scrolls Online - would love for you to stop in and say hi! I'm totally gonna potato this! 



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  5. Wishing you all a beautiful evening 💙


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  6. We're going live AGAIN today! Totally unscheduled stream 🙂 This is a special one! The two ladies of Sanitarium Gaming are running Dragonstar Arena! ❤️ 



  7. Going LIVE NOW! #ElderScrollsOnline - New Players WELCOME! 


    Ever wanted to learn how to do trials in Elder Scrolls Online? Come hang out and learn with me! I'm sure there will be some falling off bridges, falling in holes, plenty of dying, but I will TRY not to cause a team wipe! 😄



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  8. Going LIVE NOW! #ElderScrollsOnline - New Players WELCOME! 



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  9. kattatonia

    Tour of my primary home in ESO

    Enjoy the tour of my primary home in Elder Scrolls Online, Daggerfall Overlook. A lot of love and care went into designing this home to showcase my in-game achievements - I hope you enjoy!
  10. Excited to share with you my first house completed with Essential Housing Tools FX! I hope you enjoy!

    New video is up on #Youtube! I added several effects from #EssentialHousingTools #FX to enhance the overall appearance and atmosphere of the house! I'm excited to share it with you, and I hope you love it!





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  12. Tonight, I'll edit and publish on #youtube the final design of my #eso home complete with #EssentialHousingTools #FX! Was so fun to work on this project and can't wait to show you! 
    #TESO #esofam  💙


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  13. Going live now at

     - come say hi! ❤️ 

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  14. Wishing you all a beautiful Monday!!!! Make way for great things and great things will happen!!! ❤️

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    1. QueenMami0405


      wishing the same for you as well

  15. ❤️CGNlogo❤️ I hope you all had a beautiful weekend!!! It's back to work tomorrow for me, but hopefully I'll get some down time after work to say hi! 

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    2. kattatonia


      Thanks @CuzinT! It's been pretty standard! 🙂 Enjoyed the most I could of the limited free time! 🙂 Hopefully yours has been awesome! 

    3. CuzinT


      I feels ya there! Standard for me as well.... 12 hours of work. Then Home  To Stream!

    4. MunchkinDoom


      been a great weekend