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  1. Many thanks for the follow! (Sorry for the late message).

  2. Live streaming Hearthstones and grinding to find the nearly perfect deck to take into Tournaments. Check out my stream and share some CGN Love with the other viewers

  3. finally going live, this time with a fresh playthrough of Bloodborne. No Camera tonight because OBS has been weird today. So I will be streaming from my PS4. Come join the fun...

  4. going live with no niche november with South Park on Twitch at my channel and then afterwards I will be hanging out over at the Discord. There is food so be jealous jk

  5. Going live and continuing with No Niche November on Twitch, come join the stream and share so CGN love. ; )

  6. Thanks for the follow!

  7. stop what you are doing and watch this IRL about a new event that is going to happen next week. more information on my twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/k0diac4

  8. Sushi time! woo

  9. Hey K0diac!

    thank you for the follow!  returned the favor!  hope you're enjoying your stay!

    1. k0diac4


      Thank you Travis for the support. I apologize for the delayed response but it means alot. Look forward to seeing ya around :  )


  10. a few minutes late, but I am live with LoZ orcarina of Time straight outta the N64 so bring your red potions and green cap at https://www.twitch.tv/k0diac4

  11. @k0diac4Thanks you for following me, it mean a lot to me, I appreciate it, come by my stream sometime, I come by urs stream to. Welcome to CGN and family. CGN is the best site to meet other new gamer like me,we support each other,help each other, give good advice and the people on CGN are very nice.

  12. Thanks for the follow

  13. Got the N64 set up, only problem now is getting it from the system to OBS. But first, gotta catch up on some anime

  14. Thanks for the follow man, hope to see you around my streams! :D

  15. gonna call it a night. Tomorrow I will work on getting the n64 hooked up to the elgato system and then stream that for a few hours.

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