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  1. @FoodNetwork beets for sure, I cannot stand okra either, it is just a weird texture. i am sure i could come up with… https://t.co/U2UoKFyU9J

  2. @ChristyANJax @ActionNewsJax Omg how horrible! I hope the person is ok as can be expected and they heal quickly. I… https://t.co/DNsE2HDv90

  3. @LilNasX Lmao, apparently he does not get that the onus to oversee what a kid watches is not on you or the entertai… https://t.co/gJIrY9b2eZ

  4. Hey @DjordjeQa, Thank you for the follow!

  5. Hey @a5oNGaming, Thank you for the follow!

  6. Let me also add that this my dear friends who think gun rights should be removed. This is why ppl want to carry gun… https://t.co/2TNRVEocxI

  7. Seriously this! I cannot believe ppl just stand around while ppl are being murdered or attacked. I am small and lik… https://t.co/gC3fspxyht

  8. Good Morning my little gems! How is everyone doing this morning? Hope you have a great day & hope to see you on my… https://t.co/oNn4IYLq26

  9. @Hostess_Snacks Whichever one does not have that yucky cream in the middle. Which sadly I think is this case is bot… https://t.co/nBwgmnAMiB

  10. @Melsss97 Yay!! I bet you are excited. And Chelsea too of course hehe! Oh and Logan. I heard he loved playing with your boys.

  11. @atancowboy @jeremyjojola We are not always what is in the textbooks or in the DSM. But you know that right?...

  12. @atancowboy @jeremyjojola You have no idea what happened. Nor do I. If you truly are a behavioral psychologist you… https://t.co/YU8K6JrEAM

  13. @jeremyjojola Bullying is wrong. But that is never an excuse or a reason to kill ppl. It also should never be used… https://t.co/QeMGvP2eZn

  14. If I go to his page & click gift subscription it does not give me any options at the bottom of that as I have read… https://t.co/XvZXYlhYCr

  15. @TwitchSupport I need help w/changing my sub for a streamer I sub to. I am a tier 3 sub & I want to change it to ti… https://t.co/z9CyNWhjXG

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