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  1. im streaming some division on twitch come check it out please twitch.tv/jpatty92

  2. Im looking for people to do some collaborations with. I have a few ideas of stuff to do already. so just hit me up if interested!!
  3. I need help making quality thumbnails i have all of the adobe suit stuff i just need some tips. any help is appreciated.
  4. what do does everyone like seeing on youtube videos?

    1. zheck


      Enjoyment! :D

      I like to see the person playing actually enjoying what they are doing.

      Creates a good atmosphere and makes me want to watch more

  5. Happy Birthday jpatty92!

  6. Wedding week stream!!! come chill: http://t.co/Jvo3fsiHAT

  7. questing and gearing eso!!! Giveaway tonight Steam and xbox cards!!!: http://t.co/UMfzs1J3w5

  8. #1 chill stream, so come chill!!! giveaway at 250 followers!!!: http://t.co/CpQYSvG3cN

  9. RT @kats_9lives: @jpdavis1992 I'll come watch tomorrow. Hopefully the time diff isn't too bad :D

  10. Worst stream I've seen in a while!!! Gets pisssed because someone is talking in chat about random stuff @Sourapple887 #fuckyou

  11. I will donate $20 to the first persons stream that tags me with their stream name. Ready, set, go!! @TwitchSharer

  12. #1 chill stream, so come chill!!! giveaway at 250 followers!!!: http://t.co/2qylnVAJHv

  13. I'm live everyone with some new gta v noon game play come check it. http://t.co/m91LJLi8Ny @TwitchSharer @collectiongamin

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