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  1. JoeTheAltGamer

    Legrand Legacy

    Quick thoughts on it
  2. JoeTheAltGamer

    Joe The Alternative Gamer

    Game review of this awesome indie
  3. JoeTheAltGamer


    Beta preview for this action rpg
  4. JoeTheAltGamer

    A Marriage between Story and Gameplay

    Video essay on ch1 of wolf2
  5. JoeTheAltGamer

    Why Is Chapter 3 So Special?

  6. JoeTheAltGamer

    Does Destiny 2 Suck!? (Game Review)

    A thorough and analytical review from an overweight white guy talking about Destiny 2. Come for your Destiny! Stay for the Man boobs
  7. JoeTheAltGamer

    Yakuza 0 deserves for attention

    Quick thoughts on Yakuza
  8. JoeTheAltGamer

    Analytical Destiny Beta Review

    Thoughts on the beta
  9. JoeTheAltGamer

    Impressions on Prey

    Thoughts on Prey! 10 hours in
  10. JoeTheAltGamer

    YouTuber of the Month

    YouTuber of the month nominees
  11. JoeTheAltGamer

    Mass Effect Andromeda Review

  12. JoeTheAltGamer

    God of war 4 talk

    God of war Sequel talk