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  1. War/RTS Tuesday! 🤪

    🦖Live @ 3pm CST

    🦕More focus on content, Less focus on numbers

    🦖Loyalty Point System! (more info on my channel)

    🦕Steam Key Giveaways on the 28th of this month!





  2. Goin' to war!!! War/RTS Tuesday 🎮

    Goin' Live @ 11am CST

    Average viewer goal - 8/10 SO CLOSE!!!

    Followers - 272/300

    Announcing the winner today!

    Gift Subs 1/4



  3. New Stream Schedule beginning on 12/11/18

    Sun off Mon off

    Tues 11am - 330pm

    Wed off

    Thurs 11am - 330pm

    Fri 11am - 330pm

    Sat 11am - 330pm

    **May or may not stream on days off!**



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  4. Classic/Retro 😍🎮

    🐺Stream begins @ 11am CST

    🐺Average viewer goal - 6.0/10

    🐺Followers - 266/300

    🐺!Giveaway: 6 game keys! - Steam

    🐺Gift Subs 1/4



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  5. War/RTS Tuesday 😍🎮

    🐺Stream begins @ 5pm CST
    🐺Average viewer goal - 5.0/10
    🐺Followers - 260/300
    🐺Current Giveaway: Metal Gear Solid V
    🐺Gift Subs for followers this month!



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  6. Starting January 1st 2019, giveaways each month

    🐺2 active giveaways - Game Keys 1st week. money 3rd week

    🐺Game keys redeemed on steam, money thru PayPal

    🐺Must be a follower to earn prizes!



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  7. Classic Saturday! 😍🎮

    🐺Stream begins @ 11am CST        
    🐺Average viewer goal - 5.0/10          
    🐺Followers - 250/300
    🐺Game Giveaway starting today - Metal Gear Solid V  


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  8. Survival/Horror night!

    🐺Stream begins @ 5pm CST       
    🐺Average viewer goal - 4.5/10         
    🐺Followers - 246/300
    🐺Game key giveaway @ 250 followers!


  9. Goin' live less than 30 mins! Sponsored stream 😉


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  10. Going live @ 11am CST for Stronghold and Age of Empires II HD!!!


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  11. Woof, last night was successful.  Let's see if we can repeat it again for todays stream @ 11am CST 😉 image.thumb.png.62e8099b27d74903ad4973d89cc12d5e.png

    Classic Game Saturday


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  12. NOW Live for Fallout 4 and Battlefield V!!!!

  13. I'd personally like to thank everyone who stops by my channel!  Also, theres a game giveaway @ 300 followers so keep an eye out for that!


  14. Would like to ask everyone, how's Mixer? Is it better than Twitch? Any good benefits?

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    2. JetPackT_Rex


      @Zheck you mentioned "But it's growing pretty fast, so that may end soon as well." What does that mean?

    3. zheck


      The platform is growing quickly, so the community might not be very close and people won't help as much as they do right now.
      Mixer is still small enough that everyone knows everyone and they work together, but since it's growing soo much right now.
      That's going to end, because it will get too large and they won't be able to to be that close anymore

    4. JetPackT_Rex


      Right.  Well...I'll stream on Twitch tomorrow morning, then after try out Mixer after with another game and see how that work out.