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  1. My sunday streams are now going to be sub only chat.

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  2. Jessp118

    How To Get Noticed On Twitch - 5 Things That Work

    It is against the twitch affiliate agreement to milti stream. There has to be 24 hours after the broadcast has ended to post anywhere else. I use restream for the chat at the moment but that's it. My twitch is linked to my cgn profile as well as it's the same as my username.
  3. Jessp118

    How To Get Noticed On Twitch - 5 Things That Work

    I stream mostly creative. The only person I play with right now is my fiance and push to talk is not an option because we both use controllers. I have played many games over my 9 years of streaming. runescape, minecraft, league of legends, smite, WoW, Diablo, cities: skyline, The sims, Don't starve, Rimworld, Anthem, Ark, Deep rock galatic, Subnautica, Halo, CoD, and thats only a few.
  4. Jessp118

    How To Get Noticed On Twitch - 5 Things That Work

    Sadly I have done all of those and I'm still stagnant in growth. I have collaborated and streamed with others but they just talk over me and take over the show. That just makes me look worse as a streamer and the very few viewers leave me to watch the other person.
  5. Jessp118

    Advice for someone getting into streaming?

    You could make a simple black square in paint. in OBS/SLOBS import it as and image and drag it anywhere and scale it to the size you need
  6. Jessp118

    Advice for someone getting into streaming?

    I use OBS. I make my own overlays and use streamlabs to write the followers, subs, or donations to a text file. then OBS can read those files and place them in the overlay. SLOBS is streamlabs OBS. kinda the same thing but allows premade overlays to be used. I have never been able to use SLOBS because it crashes my computer. Both these programs are free to use.
  7. Jessp118

    Advice for someone getting into streaming?

    Honestly there is alot to streaming when you go to set yourself up for your very first stream. Everything from what program you want to use to stream all the way to what bots you want to use. I can answer more specific questions.
  8. Jessp118

    Restream.io // Reviews?

    I have had no problems with restream.io . The chat program can be buggy at times. I will however have to advise to not use it to stream to multiple platforms at once if you are a twitch affiliate.
  9. Tip of the day:
    Don't count growth by how many followers you have. Count it by how many friends you have made.

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  10. I hope to be back streaming chainmaille sometime soon.

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  11. , CGN 03d042a70773f51ab2c40172cb10cb17

    Giving Away a Copy of Anthem!
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    Will announce the winner on Sunday Night!


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    Re-share this Post to Win a Copy of Resident Evil 2 Remake!
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    resident evil 2 remake.jpg

  13. Going to stream some Rimworld tonight for the first time in a very long time. Fiance is here visiting so you will see him around. Plan to start between 4:30 and 5PM EST


  14. Stream tomorrow might be earlier than normal depending on how smoothly things go at the DMV. No stream today.

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  15. Thanks for the Follow!

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