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  1. http://twitch.tv/jellyandjobber giveaway when i hit 10+active viewers

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  2. LIVE jellyandjobber giveaway in 10 followers

  3. we are going to be going live at 8pm uk time today and giveaway is being drawn between 9 and 10pm http://twitch.tv/jellyandjobber

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  4. we are now live early start today twitch.tv/jellyandjobber

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  5. JELLY is live twitch.tv/jellyandjobber

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  6. jellyandjobber

  7. Let's get to 50 followers today http://twitch.tv/jellyandjobber 

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  8. GOING LIVE IN 5!! twitch.tv/jellyandjobber

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  9. thegamerbiker  6 new followers and the gamer biker is gonna sing on stream to rockband 

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  10. GOOOOOOD morning today's agenda is destiny for half an hour then joining dammed prophet for his stream taking battlefield 1 for a test run aslong as the servers stay up today

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      i have been meaning to try out the bf1 servers myself but havnt had the time really, tonights mission i think lmao


  11. Follow for follow the right way in my opinion

    you said exactly what im thinking, and your right it would be amazing to be the next big talkign point but most of us wont and thats not being harsh thats just facts like you said about the music industry but at the same time if we hold strong as a community here we can collectively be better than any single person.
  12. I have seen quite a few follow for follow posts and they always have the same comments, one person saying yea that's great and another saying that's pointless so here is what I do people who I follow or sallow me on cgn if I am online and I see there post saying live streaming I'll head over to there channel and check it out and drip them a follow but I'll stay for a while and engage with them. And if I like there content I'll go back next time there streaming and have a chat. Not only will this be better than just following them but it will also strengthen your own personal community of people within cgn I've known about cgn for about a year but only used it properly for less than a week and so far by doing the above Ive had a chat and a watch of people I follow and sometimes it's a quick stop and I'll stay for 5 or 10 minutes sometimes it's an hour or longer. It just seems more intuitive to do this than to follow because they followed What do you guys and girls think about this method and would you be willing to stop by a fellow cgn members stream for a chat next time your logged in? Sent from my D6603 using CGN App
  13. Youtubers beware if you swear

    I like the post because you are making us aware I dislike what they are doing Sent from my D6603 using CGN App
  14. Youtubers beware if you swear

    I like the post because you are making us aware I dislike what they are doing Sent from my D6603 using CGN App
  15. GOOOOOOD Afternoon whats everyone's plans for today 

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    1. Brotherzingaming


      Some practice on Left 4 Dead 2!! :)  and maybe some Dark Age Of Camelot! :party: