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  1. @JediKittie Thanks for the follow! Much appreciated! :D

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  2. Going live with some D&D with #CasualGaming friends #DungeonsAndDragons #DND #WatchMixer https://www.mixer.com/jedikittie In approximately 15 minutes

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  3. Go vote for @JohnCasual for #GamerOfTheWeek cgn.us/vote !!

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  4. Y'all needs to go vote for @DePemy for gamer of the week!!! https://cgn.us/vote He's meowzing!!!

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    1. LegendsofYoshi


      Got that vote in :) 

    2. DePemy


      Nahw that's so nice of you! Thank you so much <3

  5. Making dinner now, then eating, then going live for a couple of hours #WorldOfWarcraft #Legion #Pandaren #WatchMixerhttps://www.mixer.com/JediKittie

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  6. Hey bud thanks for the follow on here!

    If you get a chance sometime take a stop by my twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/derpquest

    I do fun funny fun fun stuff there from time to time!

    If it floats your boat, hit me with a follow! I'll be sure to check out yours as well!


  7. Thank you for thew follow jedi!

    You should stop by the stream sometime and we can hangout a while! 

    You have a good time here on CGN, Great people here.

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  8. Thanks For The Follow @JediKittie man. glad to see active members growing more and more.

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  9. Going live with some Heroes of the Storm on https://beam.pro/jedikittie

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  10. Midday stream??? What's going on?! Come check out some mini golf and some diff shenanigans! https://beam.pro/jedikittie

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  11. Going live with some Divinity: Dragon Commander! https://beam.pro/jedikittie Come watch the First look!

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  12. Getting ready to go live with some More #ArkSurvivalEvolved on https://beam.pro/jedikittie Come check out mah newbieness. Hoping the hubbers and I can take new megalodons, and hopefully they don't die so quickly this time

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    1. zheck


      Have fun :) 

    2. JediKittie


      Thanks :D

  13. That face when @Ariedien is playing #outlast on https://beam.pro/ariedien 


    1. Toxic_Moxie


      Just one of the many faces of being scared shitless....LOL

    2. JediKittie
  14. Getting ready to go live with some more #CasualGaming in #ArkSurvivalEvolved! https://beam.pro/jedikittie

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  15. Getting ready to go live with some more #CasualGaming in #ArkSurvivalEvolved! https://beam.pro/jedikittie

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