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  1. JayCaulls


  2. Happy Monday all!

    That is all...

    So kick Monday's ass!


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  3. https://twitter.com/JayCaulls/status/1073398340564475906

    LIVE with Baking on D2!

    LET'S GO!


  4. Sorry I got you killed dude.

    Damned aliens...

  5. Updated logo and cover photo, a little taste of the graphic changes for February!

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  6. Another night of no streams, sorting out a youtube video, but let me know if you're online streaming and I'll try to stop by!!!

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    1. Guest


      thanks for popping in to the stream and hanging out today Jay! nice one

  7. So starting off with a little more Final Fantasy XV and the journey to 100%


    THEN, we shall get together and complete the FINAL EPISODE of Batman: The Telltale Series! I can't wait!


    See you there in about 30 minutes! Wooooooooo!

    August Logo.jpg

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  8. What sort of problems? As I'm looking into getting either one of these controllers
  9. A few weeks ago I actually tried this theory out with an old Monkey Island game, sure enough I went from averaging 8 viewers to getting up to 25-30 all people who used to play the game to death in their younger years. Quite a bit of backseat gamers but overall was a great experience. I'd recommend to all to try a much older game if you're able to at least once or twice a month, I think 10 of those follows I gained still come along a few times a week and check out my newer stuff!
  10. FOLLOWED, ADDED to AUTO HOST. Welcome to CGN.

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    1. JayCaulls


      Awesome, thank you very much man!


      And thanks for the welcome B)

  11. Thanks for the follow homeslice!

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  12. Thanks for the follow. What do you play on?

    1. JayCaulls


      You're welcome man! At the moment it's all Xbox, but will eventually branch out into Mobile and PC gaming!

  13. Thanks for following :D

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  14. So time to get a little more active on this profile!

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