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  1. This is a public call out to anyone who thinks they'd like to earn 40 dollars a fortnight (every 2 weeks) for dealing with a twitter account, and facebook account (soon to be created) and a player.me and cgn.us account. Each account will only take you 5 minutes per account, 20 minutes per day, 5 days a week...

    in short.. Social Media Manager. Small time, 40 dollars a week to start off with... LOOKING FOR YOU!!!

    industriesjc@gmail.com make sure you let me know in the subject where you found this post!

    1. JanPlays


      and no, this isnt a business spam. it is a personal request, that i am willing to pay for...

    2. JanPlays


      Reasons i cant do it myself.
      1.heavily inexperienced x.x so i need a social media manager to either 1. train me (trust me, i suck.) or
      2. do it for me, so i can learn as they do it.

      yeahhh i know 1b. (do it for me) is lazy... but i've seen some people that would rather do it for you, rather than teach you. so that option -cant- be taken off the table.

  2. , CGN 331ba9e81154b903fb989476c9063296

    Giving away a Copy of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus 
    All you have to do is Re-share and LIKE the post!


    wolfenstein 2 gif.gif

  3. Im looking to do a 4-way co-stream on mixer for Destiny 2. Doesnt matter how many or little followers you have. if you stream, im looking for you!

    Hurry, it releases at 3 am Australian Eastern Standard Time

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  4. i'm high on endone, my left shoulder is ****ed, i'm in pain, and i need cheering up. http://mixer.com/janplays  in 1 hour. please join me?

    i'd really like that.

  5. let me know if you want to see THIS, tomorrow night: The Turing Test.... LIGHTS OFF edition!

    rawr 2.png

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  6. Thanks for the follow! here's one back!

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    1. syndicate2670poseidon2670


      thanks janplays if you stream hit me up on my twitch channel and will follow back. twitch.tv/syndicate2670

  7. new stream schedule for mixer


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    2. JanPlays


      Due to change as in: Ranging from being 2 hours late, to sometimes being 2 hours early, and sometimes all-out cancelling the stream.

    3. JanPlays


      and just to be fair. Today, stream is looking like it wont happen. i'm currently off my FACE, on endone synthetic morphine. yayyyyy /sarcasm...

    4. zheck


      I saw the white bar as well and thought it was a CGN Error.

      But it's actually part of the image. Just crop it a bit and it should fix it :) 

  8. THANK YOU EVERYONE! we have successfully hit our FIRST Stretch goal for mixer.com! we have hit OVER 50 followers!


    Here's to another 5,000!

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  9. Thanks for that follow! here's one back!

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  10. Hello all of my fellow geeks!

    I have bad news to share. but if you use firefox, there are a few vulnerabilities to make note of:


  11. DL1oIZsUIAAovlt.jpg


    .... i dare you... >:3

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    1. zheck


      Penguinis Mouthicus 

  12. i would like to introduce everyone to:


  13. on my old account i said i would be giving away a game on the 24th. (Destiny's release date).

    I made a mistake with that.

    That give away i am doing is going to be on the 25th (Aussie time), not 24th. Pay day and all. SORRY! >.<

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  14. Thanks for the follow! here's ome back!

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