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  1. Thanks for following me on CGN and becoming a Metal Minion


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  2. Thanks for following me on CGN


  3. Make sure to follow me on twitter for these games.


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  4. Welcome to CGN man!!

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  5. Thanks for following me here!!


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    1. Venom1998ert19


      You're welcome

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    1. zheck


      You are at 100 now sir :) 

    2. ImTheMetalLord



      THanks all that did so!!

    3. zheck


      Glad to help!

  6. Welcome to CGN and thanks for following me here.


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  7. I need 9 more follows on my Mixer and I qualify for something that will help me very much as a small streamer.  It will give me 100 Mixer followers.  If everyone and/or anyone would be so kind to help it will be much appreciated.  https://mixer.com/ImTheMetalLord

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    1. _Shroomie_


      I'd love to refellow but xD well i Followed already.


  8. Today this game got banned on and removed from Steam. It might get removed from my YouTube. Check it out while you still can.
  9. So a game I streamed and the VOD is still up on my YT called House Party got taken off of Steam.  If you want to check out the video before YT takes it down here you go:



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  10. , zheck c80502f5b2fa82d9f2573623fbbb1680

    Game Store Categories have been Updated!!

    Now you can view games based off their respective platform. (Steam, Uplay, Origin, Xbox, PSN)



    cgn game store categories.jpg

  11. , _Shroomie_ d5196f9b838a708be99e33cbebdff77e

    https://mixer.com/_Shroomie_ and live with Demetrios The Big Cynical Game!


  12. , zheck d35b5e3865e47a7216018bf7f897b7f1

    24 more Copies of Fortnite are on Sale now!

    Deluxe Edition only $54.99 in the CGN Shop!!




  13. It's actually down to 10 so pushing for this to happen tonight maybe.  I'm not streaming but it would mean the world to me if you where to take 2 seconds and do this.  I'm begging.  There is a major reason for me to hit 100.

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