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  3. Same back  to you!



  4. Appreciate the follow

  5. Appreciate the follow

  6. Welcome to CGN! Feel free to ask questions if you have any:) As enjoy it here with us!
  7. Thanks for the follow!

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      Any time  mate!

  8. let me know if u got it the link i sent you @SmokeyDevil
  9. here is the link
  10. Stream Announcement July 25, 2019 Hey All, I know that I haven't been streaming lately, I haven't been feeling that great as I been having computer issues as well. so, I took the time away to relax as it was nice, I needed it as well, So August is almost here as well it's my birthday month. I will try to stream on my BIRTHDAY, since I haven’t stream for a while as I really feel bad about it, thou but, I will still keep getting the support from you guys when I start back up as always. Right now, I don’t know if my Computer issues will be fixed by then all I can do is hope! I miss Streaming for you guys.
  11. welcome to CGN! Hope you enjoy it here with us!
  12. Good Luck Guys!! :)
  13. Later this weekend or next week i will be posting an announcement in my CGN Club #CGN link will be under this post! I am still Writing the announcement so stay tune!



  14. hey all hope you all  enjoy  the  day!!



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