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  • HaliosTV

    The Tavern is the place to kick up your feet after a long day and enjoy some community love. I work mostly on Indies and Esports, keeping a competitive edge while rocking some interesting but hilarious moments. 
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    Capcom Marathon! Ultra Street Fighter 4! Back on the Fights! Arcade runs!

    FIGHT NIGHT! Ultra Street Fighter 4 tonight! Continuing playing as every single character in arcade and seeing every story beat. Went far in already, might as well go nuts with others I don't know too well. Might go online as well... Let's go #StreetFighterIV #capcom #PS4

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    I stream two different livestream shows during the week.  The first show is Monday Night Deathstream where I stream roughly from 6PM - 2AM playing games I'm in the mood for or new games that have recently came out.  The second show is Backlog Killer a series I stream from Tuesdays - Fridays roughly from 3PM - 7PM where I play games from my backlog from public polls in an attempt to kill my insane backlog of games.  If this sounds like something that might be up your alley, then maybe consider watching. 😛

    Monday Night Deathstream

    Backlog Killer
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    Well I am a variety streamer with a main focus on VR I like to do a lot of different things I like horror, I like to dance, I like to make people laugh with all the stupid stuff I get myself in to.
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