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  • Ikacake

    I am Ikacake, I am a Variety Gamer | | Variety Streamer|  
    I stream mostly Rogue Company or other kinds of Shooters I Been playing video games for a few years since middle school, started streaming back in 2016!   Streams are mostly 18+ anyways have been since I started to Stream.  
    Games that I play right are Rogue Company as the main game at the minute, more  will come  when I play others. 
    Chick out this Clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/RelievedSpinelessCheetahJonCarnage  
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    Firstly thanks for stopping by! 
    Name: Sammy 
    Age: 25
    Sports Massage/Sports Science Lecturer
    Games: CoD, WoW and Rocket League
    Born in Warrington, lived in York from 1998-2019 and now i live in Leicestershire. (I get around abit)
    I also am a huge Liverpool FC fan and will do football podcasts when I can! 
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    My streams mostly focus on RPG's/ JRPG's such as the Neptunia and Senran Kagura games and other anime related games for the most part.
    I also stream some other games such as Resident Evil or any other games that i find interesting. 

    Feel free to type in the chat and i will try to answer any questions if i can and will answer any questions about me as long as i feel comfortable answering them.
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