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    Hey guys,
    My name's Eddie, I'm just coming back into streaming, drop in for a variety of games. At the moment it'll be Worlds Adrift, League of legends and Monster Hunter World



    Whether it's continuing with the road to 100% completion of Final Fantasy XV, playing Rocket League with followers or even raging at Battlefield 1, there is something for everyone here with this variety stream!
    Streaming at least 5 times a week on UK evenings (GMT) you can follow to become a part of the growing cult of people who come in to check out gameplay, chat or even join in! Starting in June 2016, the channel has quickly risen to over 1000 followers and is still only growing! With Giveaways at follower and sub landmarks you can end up being one of the lucky ones who walk away with extra cash, vouchers or a free game! 
    If you like what you see I STRONGLY suggest you follow, the others haven't regretted it yet and you can be a part of something special, so why keep wondering about the "what if's" and take action with the "NOW!"
    Some streams can be age restricted depending on content.
    Usual rules on chat behaviour, backseat gaming when requested and asking for positions of power 
    Find Stream timetables and announcements By Clicking On This Beautiful Link! 

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