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    On this stream you will see a lot of MOBAs and competitive shooters. Now, is Pyro amazing at these games? He has his moments, but he is far from professional. Pyro is your every day average gamer who just likes to sit down and play video games. Twitch just makes it more amusing when there are people to talk to. Here you can talk MOSTLY about anything, as long as you don't aim to hurt anyone.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So, if that sounds interesting then welcome to Purgatory  


    Hello CGN! I'm Gamma and this is my stream!
    I've been in the streaming community since 2012. (has it really been that long already?)
    I play a variety of games have a blast doing so! 
    If that sounds like your cup of tea, than join me in the tons o' puns!



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