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  1. I'm doing a GiveAway if you're interested.        <3


    4 Winners will win 1 of 4 ( $ 35 Gift Card of Your Choice )   :)

  2. @hoggson Thanks for the follow bud! I appreciate every one of them! If you got a free moment (no better time than poop time) head over to https://www.twitch.tv/derpquest

    If i'm not online when/ if you do, I got some pretty short entertaining clips over the past few days. If they crack you up or bring you some deep seeded joy you didnt know was even possible to mankind, give that follow button a poke! 

    Thanks again! *dual thumbs up "excellent"*


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  3. I'm not letting about 6 hours of gaming build up again. Uploading #RocketLeague, #Warframe and #Warface to #YouTube now! 🐼

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    1. gally


      Just lucky that you have fast internet xD