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      Uploading / Submitting a Video

      Want to Upload or Share a Video on CGN.US? Well you can and can be done in multiple ways. 1) Click the Add a Video or Post button. a)Click the (POST) at the Top of any Page and choose (Video)  b) Go to the Video Page and choose (Add Video) 2) Choose a Category that suits your Video. Don't worry about mislabeling. You can always change it later. 3) Fill out the Form with your Title, Tags, Media URL or Upload File, About Information, and more! 4) After you are finished. Click Submit! 5) Review your Video to make sure everything is correct And feel free to share it to your Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Media.
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      Editing a Video

      So you Submitted a Video, but you want to Edit it a bit? No worries, we got your covered! Simply follow the directions below! 1) Go to your Video Page! You can find this on your Profile Page Or by clicking (My Videos) on the Video Directory. 2) Scroll down and click (MANAGE) under the Video Player. 3) Edit the Form anyway you like and then click (Submit) 4) Review your Edited Video and make sure everything is OK
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      Video Views Count on Youtube?

      This is a very common question we receive here on CGN.US. And the quick answer is yes! Every time someone clicks the PLAY button on your Video It will count as a view on Youtube.com However, we here at CGN.US count our views differently from Youtube.com We count every single page view that you receive on your Video. While Youtube uses an algorithm to display how many people have watched it. So there will almost always be a difference in the amount of views you have on CGN.US And the amount of view you have on Youtube.
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