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    Review Process

    So you've Applied for CGN Partnership and now it's Review Time!
    Have questions how it all works? We've got you covered!

    1) You are Sent a Message from CGN Staff.

    The Message will include a Congratulations for reaching the Requirements.
    How long we will be Reviewing your Account / Content
    And what day we will make a decision based off the Review

    2) We begin Reviewing your Account

    This is the easiest part. You continue doing as you've been doing
    Either Creating Videos, Live Streaming, Competing in eSports events, whatever
    And we will come in and Review your Content for an extended period of time.

    3) Judgement Day

    After the Review Time has ended we will finally arrive at Judgement Day!
    This is the day we have chosen to either Approve or Deny you for Partnership.
    I know, sounds scary, but it really isn't. First you will Receive a Message from us.
    That will let you know whether you were Approved or Denied.

    If you are Approved. We will automatically begin the On boarding process.
    Handing out Perks, Moving you into the CGN Partner Club, Getting your Verified Tick Mark, Ability to Cash-out Orbs and more!

    If you are Denied, we will kindly let you know why you were Denied
    And what areas you can work on in order to become Partnered with us!

    Finally your Application will be deleted, and if you were Approved you will be moved into On boarding
    And if you were Denied, you will be allowed to Re-Apply at anytime and we will start the process over again. 


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