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      Applying for Partnership

      Want to be a CGN Partner, but don't know how to Apply? Well we got you covered on how you can Apply! 1) Click (Partnership) from your Account Drop-Down in the top right hand corner.https://cgn.us/settings/partnership/ 2) View the Requirements Carefully and Upload your Verification Image. 3) Allow Our Staff time to Verify and Send you through our Review Process The Review Process takes anywhere from 1 week to 1 month depending on volume! If you'd like to learn more about it please visit this link! Review Process
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      Review Process

      So you've Applied for CGN Partnership and now it's Review Time! Have questions how it all works? We've got you covered! 1) You are Sent a Message from CGN Staff. The Message will include a Congratulations for reaching the Requirements. How long we will be Reviewing your Account / Content And what day we will make a decision based off the Review 2) We begin Reviewing your Account This is the easiest part. You continue doing as you've been doing Either Creating Videos, Live Streaming, Competing in eSports events, whatever And we will come in and Review your Content for an extended period of time. 3) Judgement Day After the Review Time has ended we will finally arrive at Judgement Day! This is the day we have chosen to either Approve or Deny you for Partnership. I know, sounds scary, but it really isn't. First you will Receive a Message from us. That will let you know whether you were Approved or Denied. If you are Approved. We will automatically begin the On boarding process. Handing out Perks, Moving you into the CGN Partner Club, Getting your Verified Tick Mark, Ability to Cash-out Orbs and more! If you are Denied, we will kindly let you know why you were Denied And what areas you can work on in order to become Partnered with us! Finally your Application will be deleted, and if you were Approved you will be moved into On boarding And if you were Denied, you will be allowed to Re-Apply at anytime and we will start the process over again.   
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      Perks / Requirements

      Want to know about all the Perks and the Requirements for CGN Partnership? Look no further, we got you covered here! PERKS   1) Higher Commission on Sales Now that you are Partnered you earn double what the other Users Earn!     2) Discount Code Every Partnered Member on CGN can receive a Discount Code per Request! This code works on all Purchases and takes a total of 5% off!     3) Verified Tick Mark Get a dedicated Verified Tick Mark beside your name that lets everyone on CGN.US know you are a Partner!     4) Free Indie Games Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to develop relationships with Indie Devs. And one of the best things we are bringing forward is our new way of advertising and showcasing their games. By allowing you Partners to have free access to the Games so you can Live Stream and Create Video Content.     5) Custom Panel for your Streams or Website! Not only does it look cool, but it shows you are an Official Partner of CGN! 6) Custom Emojis Few weeks ago we announce that Partners will have the ability to Upload Custom Emoji Directly to the CGN.US Website that only they and the users that follow them can use! 7) Partner Only Club Page Network and Connect with other Partnered Users directly from our CGN Partner only club page. Receive Free Games, Be Updated on Events, Charity Drives, Campaigns, and much more! 8.) Tailored showcasing of Content Got a Triple Kill Clip? A Crazy No-Scope? Won a Squad Game Completely Solo? Or Broke a SpeedRun World Record? Whatever your Highlight maybe we will use them in order to better Promote and Showcase your Live Stream or Youtube Channel. 9) Exchange Orbs for Real Currency! Last Month we added a New Feature called Orbs! Which is a virtual currency here on CGN that Users earn from Views on their Content And they can spend this Virtual Currency in our Exchange on Gifts and Ads Or they Donate them to Others users on the Platform via their Profile, Stream Pages or Video Pages. As a CGN Partner you are allowed to Bank these Orbs once a week And we will exchange them for Real Currency that you can withdraw at anytime. To find out more about Orbs check out Blog post here! --> Orbs   REQUIREMENTS Partnership Applications must meet all of the following requirements to be considered for review.   Account Age: 1+ month Followers / Subscribers: 500+ Activity : Post at least Once a Week Earned from Affiliate Program : $1.00   Interested in being a Partner? If so, simply Apply via the Link below! https://cgn.us/settings/partnership/  
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