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      What are Orbs?

      Orbs are a Virtual Currency here on CGN.US That you earn for Views and Activity on the platform! You can use these Orbs to purchase items/rewards from our Orb Shop. Donate to others Content Creators on the platform to help them. And Cash-Out weekly for Account Credit as a CGN Partner.  
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      Earning Orbs

      Earning Orbs on CGN.US is extremely easy! And you can earn them in multiple ways. 1) Earning Orbs for Views You earn 1 Orb for every Live Stream or Video View you Receive on your Content. So the more you share your content and the more views you receive, the more you earn! 2) Earning Orbs from Post You also earn Orbs every time you post on CGN.US That includes Forum Post, Status Updates, Reviews, Comments, and more! 3) Mini-Challenges Every few days the CGN Staff runs around and offers Mini-Challenges to Streamers. And if you complete the challenge we will give you a large Orb Payout as a Prize!
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      Spending Orbs

      So you've saved up a bunch of Orbs and now you are ready to spend! Then it's time to head to the Orb Exchange! 1) Click (Check Orbs) Button at the top 2) Click the (Orb Shop) Button 3) Browse the Orb Exchange and Purchase
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      Donating Orbs

      Got a lot of Orbs Saved Up and Want to Support your Friends? Well you can! By Donating Orbs directly to them and we are going to show you two ways! A) Donate from a Profile Page 1) Go to your Friends Profile Page. 2) Click (Donate) beside their ORB Count 3) Choose how many and click (Send) B) Donate from a Stream Page 1) Open a Stream Page from the Streams Directoryhttps://cgn.us/streams/top/  2) Click the (Donate Orbs) button above the Stream. 3) Type in the Number of Orbs and click (Send)  
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