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      Connecting a Live Stream

      Connecting a Live Stream to CGN.US is very simple. And only needs to be done one time. You do not need to connect it every time you Go LIVE! 1) Go to the Streams Page. https://cgn.us/streams/top 2) Click the (Connect Stream) Button. https://cgn.us/streams/submit/?_new=1 3) Fill in the boxes on the Form. Including your Live Stream Username or URL. Your Donation Link and any information About you in your About Me. 4) Click (Add Stream) once you are finished filling out the form. And Congrats your Live Stream has been Connected!
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      Editing a Live Stream

      Every once in awhile we change our Live Streams around a bit. And that's OK! You can quickly and easily Edit your Live Stream whenever you want! 1) Go to your Live Stream Page. You can find this on the sidebar of your Timeline Or under (Streams) on your Profile Page. 2) Scroll down and Choose (Stream Actions) --> (Edit) 3) Simply Edit the Details anyway you like! Even change your Live Stream Username. 4) Click (Save) and Review the Changes on your Live Stream!  
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      Featuring a Live Stream

      Featuring a Live Stream is the process of placing your Live Stream at the Top of the Directory or Above the Directory! Bringing you more Viewers, More Engagement, Better chances to Network with other Creators, and Support the Platform. And you can Feature your Live Stream in Multiple ways. A) Spending Orbs you Earn from Activity and Views. B) Sponsorship / Brand Deals and Review Copy Opportunities (Partners Only) C) Paying to be Featured at the Top for a limited time D) Partnered Tournaments / Events (Send a Request) and much much more!! If you'd like to Feature your Live Stream in any of the ways mentioned above. Simply click any of the links below to get started!! A) Feature Orbs  B) Sponsorship / Brand Deals C) Paid Feature D) Partnered Event  
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      Live Stream not Showing

      Is your Live Stream not showing when you go LIVE? Can you not find it on your Profile Page? And it always seems to be Offline? We know the answer after years of seeing it happen and here is how you fix it. 1) Go to your Twitch Dashboardhttps://www.twitch.tv/dashboard  2) Go under the (Settings) Tab 3) Reset your Stream Key 4) Give it 5 minutes and your Live Stream should show Online! However, if your live stream does not show LIVE after 5 minutes. Please reach out to us and we will work to get it showing again. Be advised this BUG is something we have reached out to Twitch Staff about consistently, and they have made no progress to rectify the situation. But we will continue to let them know and hopefully in the future this will not happen for Twitch Streamers.    
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