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    Submitting Video Game to Store

    Submitting a Video Game to the CGN.US Storefront is Very Easy for any Developers.
    And the start to Exchanging Keys with Partnered Creators or Selling on our Storefront.

    1) Create an Account
    Simply go the the Registration Page and Sign up!


    2) Create a Video Game Page
    Go the Game Directory and Click the (Submit a Game) Button at the top.

    3) Fill out the Game Information
    Start by Choosing your Platform (Steam, Xbox, Origin, etc)
    And you will be greeted with this form.
    cgn submit game.png

    Next, choose the (License Key Type).
    File : Upload a File of the Video Game (Ex:  videogame.exe)
    From DB : Video Game Keys 

    Once you are finished. Fill out all the necessary information in each Tab (Info, Price, Images, etc)
    In order to successfully complete the form and then click (Save).

    4) Connect Game Keys to Game Page.
    Now that you've created your Game Page
    There is only one thing left to do in order to get setup.

    Connect your Game Keys to your Game Page and Agree to the Publisher Agreement.
    Simply go to the Link below and fill out all the relevant information.


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