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      Submitting Video Game to Store

      Submitting a Video Game to the CGN.US Storefront is Very Easy for any Developers. And the start to Exchanging Keys with Partnered Creators or Selling on our Storefront. 1) Create an Account Simply go the the Registration Page and Sign up! https://cgn.us/register    2) Create a Video Game Page Go the Game Directory and Click the (Submit a Game) Button at the top. https://cgn.us/games  3) Fill out the Game Information Start by Choosing your Platform (Steam, Xbox, Origin, etc) And you will be greeted with this form. Next, choose the (License Key Type). File : Upload a File of the Video Game (Ex:  videogame.exe) From DB : Video Game Keys  Once you are finished. Fill out all the necessary information in each Tab (Info, Price, Images, etc) In order to successfully complete the form and then click (Save). 4) Connect Game Keys to Game Page. Now that you've created your Game Page There is only one thing left to do in order to get setup. Connect your Game Keys to your Game Page and Agree to the Publisher Agreement. Simply go to the Link below and fill out all the relevant information. https://cgn.us/submit   
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      Exchanging Keys with Creators

      So you're in the process of Submitting your Video Game to our Directory, and looking to get it into the hands of some Creators?! Well we can help you with that, and we've made the process really simple! 1) Submit your Game to the Showcase This part is really easy. Simply go to the Game Directory and click (Submit Game) Then Scroll down and choose the Category (Showcase) Or Go Here and click (Add Game) -- https://cgn.us/showcase  2) Fill out the Form Very easy. Just fill in the information about the Video Game. Making sure that you choose (Game Keys) for License Key Type And Turn On (Free) ---> (Request Keys) under the Price Tab. 3) Submit Game Once you've chosen FREE --> Request Keys from the Price Tab. Simply fill out the rest of the form and click (Save) 4) Upload your Game Keys This part is the most important and the easiest. On the Game Page simply click the (Game Actions) Button. And then Choose (Import New Keys) You can also submit your Keys by going to the link below. https://cgn.us/submit Congratulations! Your Game is now Submitted to the Video Game Showcase! Now Partners can Request Copies/Keys of the Game from you and you can Approve them via your Developer Dashboard.
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      So you submitted your Video Game to the Showcase and your getting Request from Creators! Now it's time to use your Free CGN Showcase and Earn some money!! Here's how you do it! 1) Approve a Key Request from a Creator to Showcase your Game. 2) Schedule a Time Slot on the CGN Showcase Calendar 3) Wait for the Time Slot and watch directly from the CGN.US Homepage. In the chance your Streamer doesn't arrive, you will be refunded your Showcase time. And will be allowed to pick another Creator to Showcase your Game on our Homepage.  
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      Selling Game during Showcase

      So you've setup your CGN Showcase and Picked your Creator. But you're wondering how you earn sales. Here's how it works. During a CGN Showcase we offer a few ways to earn sales. 1) Direct Sales (Via CGN.US) 2) Re-direct Sales (Via Steam, GOG, etc) If you go the route of Direct Sales we offer an 85/15 Split on Revenue! Meaning you earn 85% of every single sale we bring you during the Showcase. If you go the route of Re-direct Sales you will receive what the Storefront of your choice offers. Usually a standard split of 70/30 and we will redirect customers to your store page.
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