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      How do I become an Affiliate?

      CGN.US Affiliate Program is available to Every Member the moment your Register! It allows you to Earn 5% on all Sales from Users you Refer to the Platform. If you'd like to learn more about the Affiliate Program please visit our Blog Post below!https://cgn.us/blog/records/affiliate-program/  
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      Earning Money

      Wondering how to Earn via the CGN.US Affiliate Program?! Well it's very simple and here is how you do it! 1) Go to the Affiliate Program Page.https://cgn.us/clients/referrals/ 2) Copy your Referral link 3) Tell your Friends! 4) View your Referrals from the Affiliate Program or your Profile Page. 5) Wait for your Money! Every time someone you refer to CGN buys any form of Advertising, Video Game, or anything else from the CGN website. You earn 5% commission on the sale! And you earn that on every purchase! Leading to more Commission and more for you!   We also allow you to Generate your own Custom Referral Links to any page you want! Simply go to Referrals Page and Generate a link! https://cgn.us/clients/referrals/ There you can also see all the members you have Referred to the platform!
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      Withdrawing Funds

      All your money is held directly on your CGN Account and you can withdraw it anytime using Paypal. Just click the big (Withdraw Funds) button on your (Account Credit) Page.https://cgn.us/clients/credit/ Withdraws take about 24 - 48 hours to process. If you have any questions about your Withdraw simply contact us here.https://cgn.us/contact   
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