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  1. Happy Birthday Heather!

  2. I love how you dug into this. Dude I can NOT wait for this game. But I will because I want it to be complete when it launches. Thank god for boyfriends who have a PS4, otherwise I would never be able to play this.
  3. I haven't seen him stream in a while. Nor have I seen him show any activity on the site. But I also haven't been looking. I don't think he is still doing this.
  4. So far i have Totoro and Colin.. More suggestions guys!! Anime! Games! TV shows!! Weapons, Cars, trinkets! You name it!
  5. and here's another of it before i finished sculpting/baking here
  6. I made one a while back for a friend who moved away. Link to photo: Deviantart
  7. Hey Guys! I plan on sculpting a figurine on stream and raffling it away when i'm done with it. I was wondering if y'all had any ideas for what i should sculpt. I'm trying to pull requests/suggestions for what I should sculpt by asking the communities i'm a part of and create a poll based off of that. Any and all ideas are welcome! Thanks for reading.
  8. I havent thought about picking either up since I have some plug and play controllers already. :3 but I'd love to see the Q&A
  9. Yeah. I was totally shocked at how much attention it got. Definitely gave me a confidence boost.
  10. Yep. Looks like a capture card is your only loophole here. Best of luck to ya!
  11. If it was really a license issue, users streaming it with a capture card would be getting banned left and right. It's possible that the game wasn't optimized to stream through a console. Do you get any kind of error message when you try to stream it through the console?
  12. A lot of the twitch staff go to Reddit.com/r/twitch and talk to the users there. Thats the main reason why I suggested it. I still suggest it. I havent seen any reddit posts about it.
  13. Hey guys. I thought I'd drop this here in case anyone was interested. I've been streaming for close to 4 months now and have gained almost 700 followers and at least 50+ regulars who stop by different times throughout the week. I get anywhere from 10-30 viewers depending on the game I play. I am looking to collaborate with other streamers around my size so we can both benefit.I play mostly survival games and MMORPG's. When we collab though, I don't want to just turn the game on and play. I'd like to get to know you first, hangout a bit, and come up with some off the wall ideas for play styles. Hmm. For example, Some players have made YouTube videos of themselves in survival games while acting as a Reporter asking ridiculous questions. Purposefully not playing games the way they were meant to be played. Messing with other players in multiplayer games in an odd way that is fairly amusing for both parties. Things of this nature would be awesome to stream or make a YouTube video out of. If anyone's interested and REALLY wants to talk about this ASAP, direct message me on twitter @lizabytegaming. You can respond here as well and i'll respond as i log in (usually once a day). Cheers!
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