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  1. New montage Black ops 4 
    music eminem venom 

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  2. so how to rebrand your self, how to get customer lay out and design. im looking for ideas and open to all input 

    1. HeathenKings


      custom lay out ... not customer lay outs correction

  3. , CGN 593c28f6586d116402379ea870a5ec43

    Giving away a Metro Conflict Closed Beta Key!
    Simply Re-share and Like this post to be entered!

    Winner will be announced Friday at midnight!! #Twitch #Mixer #GameDev

    metro conflict reshare.jpg

  4. Thanks for the follow good sir!!!


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  5. Thanks for the Follow.

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  6. Thanks for the follow 😄 

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    1. HeathenKings


      All ways don't be shy and check out the awesome clubs 

    2. TakenVaullt
  7. Cheers for the follow homes

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  8. i will try to be on at the office if not i will be bback on when i get to the kingdom !!!!

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  9. Thx for the follow homie :D stay dope

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    1. HeathenKings


      any time any time. What games are you in to and what console do you grind on 

    2. KingAlakazam


      i play A LOT of rpg's and i mostly play on PS4 but i have aps3, xbox 360, wii u and gaming pc. Wby?


  10. created a new club for fortnite PC,Xbox,Psn 

    if you are interested join in add your name and console 

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    1. HardCor3Gam3r69


      HardCor3Gam3r69 add me up on xbox one bro we can give br a go 

  11. PC,Xbox,Ps4 To create teams to compete and ranking up gear and level/power level's leave your names below with console
  12. thanks for the follow :) 

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    1. Kaxomantv


      Same to you, thanks !