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  1. The full play through of the new BF5's The Last Tiger' War Story Campaign. Along with my quick Review on it plus all the locations to all the Letters and tips to complete certain challenges. - Recorded using a GTX980 @ 1080p/60fps.
  2. Oooh so dirty
  3. An example of a BF map progresses throughout development. This example shows the creation of the 'Verdun Heights' map from the 'They Shall Not Pass' DLC. fyi: This map was developed within 5 months by 4 DICE devs.!
  4. A new dance emote contender for #Fortnite ? 🕺🏽
  5. Impressions of the pre-release build of the early access version : Game runs smooth and sometimes a bit glitchy but the core gameplay is fun and I can tell it'll be great if they get it smoothed out.I got to say that I was really impressed. Had a great experience with it. What a difference 2-3 patches makes. much more polished than before. PC specs below... I love the gunplay and the amount of customizations. It brings back that good old battlefield BF3 and BF4 feeling mixed in with the strategical nature of Battlefield 2. If you want a more modern shooter this will be the game for you. I hope it does very well cause it has so much potential. It's like a fan of Battlefield 3/4 made the game. Pros: - High Skill Ceiling than most AAA shooters out there. - Not too milsim as Arma and not too casual as Cod or BF - Maps are very detailed. Cons: - Jets and Choppers are still not in the game. Will have to wait. - Proning sometimes gets auto pops me up kinds like BF1 did before. - UI Hud is a bit too small at the moment My PC Specs: - GTX 980 GPU - Intel i7 4700k CPU - 16GB Ram - 2x 550GB SSD
  6. Which is your favorite one to...? ... ♪♫♬ just want to set the world on Fire ♪♫♬
  7. Graphic-J


    FREE on STEAM : Evolvation https://store.steampowered.com/app/510840/Evolvation/ Feel bad for the devs of this game. Recently they made a mistake bu banning all keys... one of the devs comments: "I love the irony that nobody plays the game, however the moment I made a mistake I reach an audience bigger than I have ever got." Accidentally banning all keys torpedoed his reviews but at the same time, most publicity he's ever had plus now because of it a temporarily FREE game.
  8. Yes, the classic BF theme soundtrack is awesome. Be it you're either in the #NotMyBattlefield or #ThisIsMyBattlefield camp... One thing for sure is that we can ALL agree that the original BF legacy theme song reintroduced in BFV is once again, awesome as ever. Hope it stays in the BFV's intro.
  9. Graphic-J


    Ok thanks zheck ^ But hey.... for those that still read these forums: Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4's 'PREMIUM PASS' is currently FREE on all three platforms: for Origin (PC) - on Xbox store and on PS4 store ...and Yes, you can still add this to your Origin account without owning the base game. until September 18. BF1 on Origin: https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/battlefield/battlefield-1/addon/battlefield-1-premium-pass BF4 on Origin: https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/battlefield/battlefield-4/expansion/battlefield-4-premium
  10. I have dotted down some words regarding my summary of the current state of the Battlefield V BETA Planes down below. I have also included this small commentary video that I gathered from last night's stream. Flying in probably the best plane in BFV right now... the German's Messerschmitt Bf 109. So here it is... I’m stoked that we will be flying our fantasy planes like the Spitfire, BF-109, Stuka and more. But let’s face it, currently right now for this Beta the bf-109 is completely superior to the spitfire in gun placement, HP damage output, maneuvering and energy fighting.) makes dogfighting almost unbearable. Dice I ask of you to go back to the symmetric style of planes that we know and love, we appreciate the work that goes into these things but asymmetric gameplay for planes is not what we need. • Physics for planes: Planes lose energy and speed very quick in maneuvers and turns. If we have to I would prefer the old bf3 style of flying, but the current state is literally unacceptable. • The lack of visibility in air-to-ground: this isn’t a complaint but an interesting variable that nerfs planes but allows skill to enter spotting infantry on the ground, this can allow more powerful weapons on planes without the fear of farming kills due to lack of visibility and allows pilots to rely on infantry for Air support callouts. • I can crash my plane into the ground and explode but if I was in the animation of getting out of the plane as it explodes I survive? This has to be a bug. • Attention to detail I’m the planes is awesome but for the sake of gameplay I would appreciate it if the pilot had more degrees of freelook. I’m not even going to get on why the rear gunner can still shoot through his own body of the plane while other ground vehicles can’t. Same reason on why third person aiming reticle is still there… and no it’s not static. ---- It's sad because the WW2 air combat was the golden era of dogfighting. It's the age of Spitfires, Mustangs and Stukas... holy shit man! I can care less about bombarding and strafing non-spotted infantry really, that's a secondary bonus. What is very upsetting is at how atrocious the air vs air gameplay is right now. It needs so much attention. BF1's Beta air vs air state was awesome and that's telling much considering how it wasn't my favorite of the series. ...And yet this BFV Beta...eeesh, just release this game by March of 2019.
  11. Giant Robots, Guns, Great graphics in a Survival-Open world in First Person mode and made by the people who made Just Cause.... I’m pretty sure they personally made this for me. ;) Check out this 10+ minute gameplay...
  12. This game came out even before the original Battle Royale movie! 90's kids will be able to relate ;)