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  1. Funny rage comments and chat reactions
  2. ... and I thought I was bad at sniping ... lol :
  3. FREE on STEAM : Evolvation Feel bad for the devs of this game. Recently they made a mistake bu banning all keys... one of the devs comments: "I love the irony that nobody plays the game, however the moment I made a mistake I reach an audience bigger than I have ever got." Accidentally banning all keys torpedoed his reviews but at the same time, most publicity he's ever had plus now because of it a temporarily FREE game.
  4. Ok thanks zheck ^ But hey.... for those that still read these forums: Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4's 'PREMIUM PASS' is currently FREE on all three platforms: for Origin (PC) - on Xbox store and on PS4 store ...and Yes, you can still add this to your Origin account without owning the base game. until September 18. BF1 on Origin: BF4 on Origin:
  5. FOR HONOR Starter Edition FREE to keep forever on STEAM but until August 27th. Claim it today. The Starter Edition includes the full and complete version of the game. That means you get both the single-player and multiplayer modes, as well as all the maps. Campaign a full fledge story mode of 18 missions. Takes about 5-6 hours to finish. on a side note, why are the forums so hidden now? Sad
  6. PTSD Simulator... err I mean... Insurgency is currently FREE during the next 48hrs - Claim it to keep forever Once claimed you also get an extra 10% off the new 'Insurgency Sandstorm"
  7. My hilarious moments and buggy glitches in Far Cry 5. ? Hope you guys like it, took me a while to cut this up
  8. Question.. Why are the FORUMS so hidden now? Sad really. ---- BF1's Turning Tides DLC and BF4's Second Assault DLC are now FREE to download on XboxOne (Xbox Marketplace) and PS4 (EU PlayStation Store not sure on U.S. store yet) until July 3. Coming to PC (Origin) later today
  9. Xenonauts FREE via GOG - DRM-Free ( valued at $24.99)
  10. For those interested and for a limited Time: FREE DLCs for BF1 and BF4. Valued at $15 each. ---- BF1 FREE DLC: "In the Name of the Tsar" PS4: Xbox One: PC (Origin): ---------------- BF4 FREE DLC: "Final Stand" PS4: XboxOne: PC (Origin)
  11. 5 Free games: 1 on Steam and 4 DRM/Downloadable games FREE on STEAM Steam Key - valid until May 21st ----- Free DRM games The top Four in that list only No key - no subscription needed valid until June 1st
  12. Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition Free for 48 hrs
  13. Also this one Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
  14. Just a reminder for those that don't know... While we wait for Battlefield2018 or BFV take advantage of this awesome FREE DLC giveaway by DICE before it's gone FREE BF1 and BF4 DLC for PC, Xbox One & PS4! BF1: 'THEY SHALL NOT PASS' and BF4's: 'DRAGON'S TEETH' --- All 6 links are in the description box: video --
  15. Crusader Kings II Permanently FREE, claim it asap, only for a limited time
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