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Gone Retaker


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  1. , CGN 6595ed945edb0ba2f06ce96c88550b9e

    Re-share and LIKE this Post to enter our Giveaway!

    For a Copy of Cuphead! Winner will be announced Monday!!



    cuphead screenshot 3.jpg

  2. Congrats to KW-erion for gamer of the week <3

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  3. Thanks for the follow :) 

  4. Welcome everyone! I am one of the CMs of Unity Empowered and like to Welcome you to Unity Empowered by you, Cause it starts with you to create Unity. It starts with You to Empower it, But it's just not you it takes. It takes you and you and you to create Unity empowered. It takes people of every kind to bring forth Unity. A wide range of Human beings working as one, Working as a team, To make life just that more worth life itself. To unite what make the words Unity Empowered. You and others. You make this all Happen. SO UNITE, EMPOWER, It all starts here and with you and others. Let's Do what you do Here from reading, cooking, gaming, Talk show or whatever it may be, Unite  Thank you for your time.

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    1. zheck


      Welcome @Gone Retaker 

      Glad to see you are getting into the swing of things here on CGN!
      If you ever have questions, feel free to ask me, and I'll be sure to tell people about your Club you Created :) 

    2. Gone Retaker

      Gone Retaker

      Thanks, i'll be sure to ask. right now looking to push more of the team into multi streaming on different platforms. I see some are already making there way here. We can be found on mixer also and pushing out to different platforms. We created Unity to help a streamer find the tools need to help them and help them grow. We also watch over them and try to watch for them doing TOS violations. We like to be the first to help fix what they may or have done in the wrong. We try to handle it so they understand and don't get bent out of shape over it.

      We also work with streamer and charities they like to do. must like one life or stackup, with a few other events. Our discord is only made for the team and other vips with Unity, so it doesn't hold any followers, subs or just anyone. So this is a little about us.  


  5. Welcome to CGN. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!

    http://cgn.us/Gone Retaker

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    2. zheck


      You're welcome!

      Hope you enjoy it here, and if you have questions. Feel free to ask me

    3. KingAlakazam


      Welcome to CGN homie :D

    4. EmmaJane91