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  1. 2nd Twitch reaction to NHL '95 when I realized too late about a certain goalie:


  2. First time streaming my games on Twitch and reaction 1:


  3. @UmiNoKaiju1 Lol, my God you're good.

  4. RT @UmiNoKaiju1: first day of apex season 9 😅 BUT I'M IN NOW AND ARENA IS SO FUN https://t.co/K3fIC0PqQ1

  5. RT @UmiNoKaiju1: Random pics from today! https://t.co/kRsPmbCCRi

  6. @TwitchSupport I was using Soundtrack by Twitch as my source in my stream in Twitch Studio today, but when I checke… https://t.co/9YAk5lJDKQ

  7. RT @CocoConfession: TOMORROW! https://t.co/gnwzSeBsqR

  8. Heh, heh, hey everyone. I'll be on live this morning at 11 AM CDT over on Twitch for my first ever stream. I'm pret… https://t.co/aack0dCgyC

  9. RT @BestBuy: As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we must recognize the struggle and pain happening in the c…

  10. [email protected],@SecCardona 58% of Black high school graduates didn’t pursue college b/c of cost. On #NationalDecisionDay,… https://t.co/5d1uMnpVvb

  11. @UmiNoKaiju1 Don't worry you're not alone. We've all done that once or more in a while.

  12. @weegeeb00 WTG girl. I suffer from Severe Anxiety and Severe Depression and I'm like you. But you're right, the goa… https://t.co/9r1IWZsTaG

  13. @AudreyAdair Cleary, it's D

  14. @UmiNoKaiju1 I agree with Unreal Dreamer. You're a legend and a role model for all to see positively.

  15. @UmiNoKaiju1 I would be honored to coach, but I need to learn this game myself here.

  16. RT @UmiNoKaiju1: Celebrating @thisisaaronkim 🎉🥳🥂❤️

    I’m so proud of you! In 5 years, I’ve seen your ups and downs and no matter what life t…

  17. @HyperX I would, but to another name.

  18. @CocoConfession How are you feeling today?

  19. RT @UmiNoKaiju1: good morning :) happy monday! woke up feeling very happy and thankful for everything and everyone!!!!!! this week will be…

  20. That's great to hear that. https://t.co/vyOcoHzbbt

  21. @UmiNoKaiju1 You did one Hell of job this evening, I mean it. Hell of a job, I'm so proud of you and you should be… https://t.co/rx9eTgwKSx

  22. @SenDuckworth #FireDeJoy

  23. @POTUS But, we still need $2000 a month.

  24. @AfRetro Ouch, thanks for the tip when I start streaming. I hope you get better soon.

  25. @thisisaaronkim Can't wait to hear it.

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