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  1. RT @Twitch: Violent hate crimes and speech against Asians & Asian Americans have seen a sharp increase during this pandemic. Join us in tak…

  2. @hollynokaiju Oh yeah, I did have a good day despite the rain.

  3. @hollynokaiju Are you into Football?

  4. We're happy to have you here. Thank you for allowing us, especially me, on your journey. Keep up the great work, ke… https://t.co/nu90LyoLbb

  5. @UmiNoKaiju1 @dantebasco Nice.

  6. RT @UmiNoKaiju1: this will never get old.

    @dantebasco https://t.co/JrcQuFiddq

  7. @Twitch Brought your merch on Easter weekend. Just wish that the Hoodie and Jacket have a larger size, but like I t… https://t.co/X3ml2RoWib

  8. @coachfitz51 @NUFBFamily @NU_Sports @JonnyKovach Amen to that, Coach Fitz. Amen to that.

  9. @GamerDoc_ @CaitMcGeePT Just gotten my first of two vaccines over the Easter weekend. Just a stomach twinge on Satu… https://t.co/3f4LDTfTHp

  10. @Starbucks Thank you for requiring masks in your stores in all 50 states! I agree with @P4HR that masks are crucial… https://t.co/Fr9hczeygk

  11. @Target It’s simple: masks work. That’s why I’m joining @P4HR say THANK YOU for listening to public health experts… https://t.co/O67pnrzl77

  12. @kroger Thank you for putting science first and requiring masks in stores in all 50 states! Listening to public hea… https://t.co/cmUl5qHzA8

  13. @costco Masks are one of the best tools we have to stop the spread of COVID-19. Joining @P4HR to say that we apprec… https://t.co/JX2TkWK9U5

  14. @Albertsons I’m standing with @P4HR to say THANK YOU for requiring masks in stores in all 50 states! The pandemic i… https://t.co/4erjV4ntPI

  15. You've got to be kidding me! https://t.co/Wb0LXXv29x

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