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  1. Looking for a couple of more people to stream Jackbox Party with. Let the fun begin!!! @TheStreamHQ @Mighty_RTs l @ShoutRTs #CGN @WatchMixer @MixerShares


    Gibson's Mixer Channe596a5739a9e95_presidentialpardon.jpg.bf8b420d7c364eac7f8798f64412a81d.jpg

  2. Come join a friend of mine on Mixer. When he hits 900 followers he's got an xbox code to give away.....https://mixer.com/FastLifeMoviez

  3. Since tomorrow starts the countdown for Halloween I'm going to do what i participated in for CGN last year. Day 1 of the 31 days of live screaming on Mixer. 

    Its a tossup of Dead by Daylight or 7 days to die

  4. Running from Zombies on 7 Days. Come join Gibson for some fun!!! 

  5. Gonna do some private lobbies on GTA V XB1. Come join and we'll make them big dollar bills together!!!

    Gibson's mixer channel

    Come watch the fun!!!

  6. Building the empire on Constructor anyway I can on XB1.

    Gibson's mixer channel

    Come watch the fun!!!

  7. Streaming Fortnight now, come watch or if you're on XB1 feel free to join in.

    Gibson's mixer channel

  8. @GibsonGuitarist Thank you for the follow! Much appreciated! :D

  9. thanks for follow. Really appreciate it

  10. Always great to have more of us Canadians here
  11. Looks like I will be streaming Fortnight today. Just got it for XB1. Looks like a fun little zombie game.   Gibson's mixer channel


    @FaceAppreciators @HyperRTs #CGN #HRG #streamerhype


  12. Alrighty my fellow CGNer's, weekends here, that means I'm free for 2 days from work. It's XB1 livestream time. Not sure what I'm gonna stream yet, but I'll be live after 12 AST. Hope to see you there and have a few join in.



  13. thank you for the follow!! :D 

    1. GibsonGuitarist


      and thank you for the follow as well

  14. Thanks for the follow, really appreciate it.

  15. Drunk GTA now on, come watch or even join in!!!! Drunk GTA

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