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  1. Wolf Time Streaming: SoulCalibur 2 and Fallout 4 In this stream; we're going to finish things off with SoulCalibur 2 and start streaming Fallout 4 where we going to look for our son in the wasteland of the Commonwealth. Rating: Teen and Mature -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/wolfpatrioticrepublic1993
  2. Wolf Time Streaming SoulCalibur 2 Rating: Teen -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/wolfpatrioticrepublic1993
  3. Super Mario 64 Episode 14: Climb on Tall, Tall Mountain In this video; we're going to climb on Tall, Tall Mountain to find the Power Stars. Rating: Everyone
  4. Super Mario 64 Episode 13: Floating on Wet-Dry World In this video; we're going to start on the second floor of the castle by going to Wet-Dry World where we can control the water level in order to collect Power Stars. Rating: Everyone
  5. Super Mario 64 Episode 12: Bowser in the Fire Sea In this video; we finish things off at the basement with defeating Bowser at his Fire Sea and completing Dire, Dire Docks. Rating: Everyone
  6. Super Mario 64 Episode 11: Assault on Dire, Dire Docks In this video; we going to the another water level called Dire, Dire Docks where Bowser is escaping in a submarine that is inside the dock. Rating: Everyone
  7. Super Mario 64 Episode 10: Mystery of Shifting Sand Land In this video; we're going to the desert level of Shifting Sand Land and solve the mystery of the pyramid to get our hands on Power Stars. Rating: Everyone
  8. This War of Mine Attempt 1-Failed Rating-Mature -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/wolfpatrioticrepublic1993
  9. Super Mario 64 Episode 9: Heating Up in Lethal Lava Land In this video; we entering our 1st lava level where we must explore around and inside a volcano. Watch Your Step. Rating: Everyone
  10. Super Mario 64 Episode 8: Ghost Hunt at Big Boo's Haunt In this video; going to the back of the castle to fight ghosts and their mansion. Rating: Everyone
  11. Super Mario 64 Episode 7: Pirate of Jolly Roger Bay In this video; we finish things off on the 1st floor with the Jolly Roger Bay level where we find treasures inside a sunken ship. Rating: Everyone
  12. Super Mario 64 Episode 6: Toxic in Hazy Maze Cave In this video; we start on the basement levels by going to Hazy Maze Cave to collect a new power up cap and explore the maze full of toxic gas. Rating: Everyone
  13. Super Mario 64 Episode 5: Meet Bowser In this video; we're going to meet Bowser for the first time. Rating: Everyone
  14. Super Mario 64 Episode 4: Whip on Cool, Cool Mountain In this video; we start on our next level called Cool, Cool Mountain by become Santa Claus. Rating: Everyone
  15. Super Mario 64 Episode 3: Return to Bob-omb Battlefield In this video; we return to Bob-omb Battlefield after getting our hands on the Wing Cap to finish collecting the Stars. Rating: Everyone
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