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  1. Adventure of Ghostwolf Episode 1 In this video; we start our adventure today and expand through the Era of the Wolf. HOOOOOOWL Rating: Mature Wolf Day
  2. SWAT 3 Episode 13: Conference Nightmare In this video; we're heading to the Ventura Hotel to protect officials including one from China for the World Trade Organization Trade Conference and making sure it is peaceful. Rating: Mature
  3. SWAT 3 Episode 12: Hot Tower In this video; we're going to the LAX Tower where is been occupied by terrorist and placed SAM to target airplanes. Rating: Mature
  4. SWAT 3 Episode 11: International Chaos In this video; we're going to the International Hall for an escort of Soviet Bloc officials who is having a meeting over there with 185 countries been there and making sure the meeting runs smoothly. Rating: Mature
  5. Time for me and Smile Dog take it to the next level. Paper-thin level 🙂

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      Love the image yo! 

  6. Super Mario World Final: Assault on Bowser Castle In this video; we're finally taking on Bowser and rescue the princess at his castle. Howl for our victory Rating: Everyone
  7. Super Mario World Episode 7: Valley of Bowser In this video; we taking on World 7 known as Valley of Bowser where we're getting closer to the end, but our enemies are well prepare of their defense. Rating; Everyone
  8. Super Mario World Episode 6: Chocolate Mountain In this video; we're going to "eat" our way through World 6 known as Chocolate Mountain although I'm a wolf got to be careful of getting bad vibes form Chocolate LOL. Rating: Everyone
  9. Super Mario World Episode 5: Forest of Illusions In this video; we're taking on the Forest of Illusion of World 5. Can we escape the forest or lost forever? Rating: Everyone
  10. Super Mario World Episode 4: Cookie Mountain In this video; we're going after World 4 known as Cookie Mountain which is a short run of. Rating: Everyone
  11. Super Mario World Episode 3: Vanilla Dome In this video; we're taking on World 3 known as Vanilla Dome and their secert world Rating: Everyone
  12. Super Mario World Episode 2: Donut Plains In this video; we're taking on World 2 known as the Donut Plains Rating: Everyone
  13. Super Mario World Intro: Yoshi's Island In this video; we're going to rescue Princess Toodstool again from Bowser, but he also stole Yoshi's egg and put them inside the towers guarded by his family. Can we rescue the princess and the eggs? Rating: Everyone
  14. Wolf Day Stream: Stellaris 8/2/20. Next weekend going to plan something special for Wolf Day. Hope u enjoy it
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