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  1. Here is the first Chapter of my walkthrough showing all the solutions for this level. I had a lot of fun with this games playing as Jason. Game Link:Here
  2. What´s worse than a shark with a chainsaw? A shark with a chainsaw that can fly! Game Link: Here
  3. In the final episode of my Anna´s Quest Walkthrough, we get to explore the past of our main villain, what made her turn to evil. It´s very tragic, but Anna manages to save the day. If you´ve been watching this series from the beginning, thanks for sticking around. This is my first full walkthrough. I´ll be sure to upload about new games as much as possible. Game Link Here
  4. In the last episode Anna managed to escape the dungeon and explore the castle. So far we´ve found our little bear and found about his secret identity! Not to mention a way to save the real Queen. Anna is this close to stop Winfrieda´s plan. Game Link Here
  5. The prison break was a success! Now Anna must enter the castle and warn the King. Will she succeed? She will have to get past the guards, and with some of the Castle´s more eccentric inhabitants. Game Link Here
  6. Escaping the Dungeon through a literal deal with the Devil Game Link Here
  7. finally got all the items, including the book from that cannibal witch. But what´s this? Betrayal? Now that Anna is stuck in the dungeons, I have to figure out how to get her out of this. Game Link: Here
  8. Getting the best of an Paranoid Hermit at the top of a mountain. Game Link: Here
  9. How to trick an old Witch that wants to eat you, and some progress on getting that book. Game Link: Here
  10. They see me rolling and they hating...on this casual game where you control a chocolate ball and try to get as many sweets as possible. Game Link: Itch.io
  11. Only now just started tackled the infamous bundle for racial justice in itch.io, that I bought months ago. My first game was Milkmaid for the Milkyway, a cute retro adventure game.

    It was short but fun. Hope to post videos of my gameplay when I get to it

  12. Trying to care for a bunch of cats and not get overwhelmed Game LINK
  13. Anna sneaks out and steals a violin from the antiques shop, which is what she needed to calm the sirens and set a ghost free. Game Link Here
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