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  1. Back and playing some random game! (Sheltered!) Check me out!

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      exciting gelen hope you had a good stream! 

  2. Making my friends face into an emote was the best idea ever! ? #cgn #funny #twitch #lol #emote


  3. I'm from UK too (not born and bred but I lived here for 9 years haha), so I might come up with something like that too ?
  4. Thanks, guys and gals! ? I appreciate it a lot!
  5. It's been over a month since I've been back and being on CGN helped me become an affiliate! ? Now all there is just to.... oh wait.... it's just the start, I have to make emotes,sub names, sub badges and all kinds of stuff! monkaS All in all, I'm posting here just to get ideas. So all the affiliates/partners out there, what do you name your subs and how did you come up with it?
  6. Check me out on a full day stream as an AD carry! Mostly Jinx (whenver I can get her lul)

  7. Going online with some League of Legends! 


  8. @Foxboxunion I'd love to play with most people around this community but the sad thing is, I'm on EUW and playing on 120 ping in an NA server is not the ideal scenario for me
  9. Shoutcast it ? I'll pick some low elo games and shoutcast them and analyze their laning phase, have a joke or two maybe, then slowly move up in the ladder and cast higher elo games reviewing different types of strategies and builds.
  10. As the title says, it would be mostly for educational purposes but I would want to have fun while casting low/mid elo games whilst moving up to higher elo games gradually. Reply to this forum and we can discuss more details.
  11. I usually stream the games that I play myself, which leaves me quite frustrated if I lose, but I have quite good sense for strategy and the game itself. I am planning to cast low - mid elo games just to help out newer players see what mistakes they do and what they could improve on. So let's say you're a new player on any game, would you watch someone casting it to learn the game?
  12. That link leads to a page that specifically VOTES for you. No offence, but if you wanted someone to vote for you, you can ask, leaving a link without an explanation is kind of a cheap shot.
  13. Leopold the Cat or something... don't know what it was called, it was just a laid back platformer, I was 3 years old ? don't blame me for not remembering ?
  14. Going online soon some super meat boy ? 

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