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    • By kattatonia · Posted
      Everyone knows I'm an ESO fanatic. I've been playing ESO since closed beta back at the tail end of 2013, and I've never been away for more than a week at a time!  If you love farming, questing, or exploring, you will LOVE this game. If you enjoy open world, large-scale pvp battles, you will love this game! If you enjoy the social aspect of MMO's, you will love this game! If you have a bad temper,  you probably should find something else to play, like a fishing game, maybe? Oh wait, you can totally fish in ESO, too!  NO, it's not completely polished. YES, it still has some bugs. But ESO literally has something for EVERYONE. Questing, farming, an in-game economy, guild traders, dungeons, exploration achievements, vanity items, character housing (that you can decorate!), PvP, lycanthropy, vampirism, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood.... It would take FOREVER to finish every quest in this game. As far as end-game content, there are 12-man trials, PvP, high-difficulty dungeons.... Options abound! HIGHLY recommend this game.  WARNING - if you are looking to purchase this game because you are an Elder Scrolls fan, understand that this is an MMO and is NOT Skyrim or the like. YES, the lore largely remains intact, but this game doesn't have the "feel" of Elder Scrolls games.  You will definitely need to enjoy questing, group dungeons, or mmo's in general to really appreciate what this game has to offer. 
    • By ResidentFurrball · Posted
      This price on here is awesome , the games are really easy to get a hold of and the customer service is amazing ! Thanks CGN .  ps. The game is pretty cool  
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