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  1. There are other survivors in the city as we run into Sam and Henry who have a plan to get out.
  2. We get ambushed by a pack of hunters and are stuck in their city, with a number of infected and ruthless hunters between us and the bridge.
  3. So I finally got done my Extra Life Stretch goal from last year and got my Tattoo of the Extra Life logo. Which I think turned out pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself.


  4. Now that we've proven ourselves to the bouncer that we are Noize's biggest fans, it's time to beat her up in the most genre-mashing brawl we've ever played!
  5. Now that we know Kunio and Riki are at the Noize concert, its time to crash the party! Of course, it's not that easy as the bouncer is in the way and only VIP tickets will get you through. So let's enter a contest to prove we're her biggest fans!
  6. Thanks for the view videos buddy!! 

  7. Now that Abobo has gotten the snot beaten out of him, it's time to catch a concert and head for the pier, along the way the guys get another mission from JackSepticEye and learn more moves from Danny Sexbang from Ninja Sex Party/Game Grumps while he cosplays as Billy Lee for some reason.
  8. I feel like the Game Awards this year is just predictable - there wasn't any surprises with the nominees, no darling indie game that might come up and win GOTY or dethrone another game in a different category, or a critically panned game that somehow made its way into the list.
  9. If we're going to meet up with Tommy, then we're going to need wheels. To get Wheels, we got to go see Bill in his trap and infected infested town.
  10. It's Boss Battle Time! Things gets frustrating as the guys lose money and their minds fighting Abobo.
  11. Looks like I got some videos to watch today yeeeee! 

  12. Another side mission from Godai forces the guys to destroy some fancy cars - Street Fighter style. Also, things get weird as we attempt to move trash around and get attacked by Zombies!
  13. Question for those who picked up Death Stranding:
    What are you general thoughts on the game. 

    I'm on the fence but I don't hate the game. I think there are interesting concepts and it's the best game that puts you in the primary role of a delivery boy I've ever seen, but the story feels like it depends on you to be confused for most of the game and throws random terminology without really explaining what's happening.

  14. Jumping into The Last of Us Remastered shortly on Twitch - Join us here:


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      I hope you have a good stream! 

  15. Now that Pentavus has the Stone-Cold Stunner in his arsenal, it's time that we go Downtown - and take on some Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired androids. Meanwhile, Pentavus gets salty with Lucas.
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