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  1. We finally jumped past 500 subs on Youtube! Which has been a personal milestone for me for a while now so cue the celebration music! We'll be planning something big the 1K milestone once we cross that mark. 

  2. It's the return of bad voice acting as Lucas and Pentavus believe that the Pigs should all have ol'timey southern accents, while they fight off more Frogs with Reddit Upvotes, a Cinder Block, and more outlandish weapons.
  3. As we sail to the Pig Kingdom, we learn that the pigs have been invaded by Frogs and now need our help?! What is going on in this world?
  4. New Review up on and this one is a tad bit NSFW.  Senran Kagura: Peach Ball - the Nintendo Switch Pinball game that features Busty Schoolgirl Ninjas getting turned to animals and requires you to hit them with your balls until they turn human again.... Yeah.

    "Despite the pervertedness to it all with the Sexy Challenges and the various sexualized moments with “booping” the girls, let alone some of the sounds that you’ll likely hear, Senran Kagura Peach Ball doesn’t take itself seriously and is pretty much played out for awkward laughs than sexy.


    Thanks to that tone, the game can just focus on being unadulterated fun with challenges that never feel overly difficult and allow you to rack up points like it was going out of style. For a pinball game, it plays great and hits all the right notes, while providing a sense of progression that you normally get in the genre thanks to the Sexy Challenges."

    Our full review (and score) can be found here:



    Senran Kagura Peach Ball is a fun pinball game if you are into or can ignore the perverted fact you're hitting busty schoolgirls with balls.


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Looks pretty swish! 

  5. Since our Podcast is no longer Live when we record, I'm taking some time to play Paladins before we start recording the show.  Stop by and watch me likely fail miserably in a few rounds.


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      How the strewam go pal? 

  6. One of the bunnies turned against us and is now out to enslave the rest. It's up to Lucas and Pentavus who continue to be the shining example of Cooperative players to handle it... by making sure they both screw up royally.
  7. Lucas calls dibs on The Kid, Pentavus relates to Big Joe, and we get rare achievements for talking to people.
  8. New Review live on GameItAll: Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble

    "Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble may not need the previous game to enjoy it, but given its difficulty spike and how the game plays out, it may be beneficial to have a little knowledge in some tactics before jumping in to the sequel. Still if you’re looking to satisfy that turn-based military itch that Advanced Wars would scratch, you owe it to yourself to take a look at the series"


    Check out our full review below!


    Tiny Metal Full Metal Rumble takes inspirations from Nintendo's Advanced Wars series but is the game more than a copy? Check out our review!


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Been told good things about that game! 
      some devs sent me a copy to try out! 
      just been too busy to give it ago! 

    2. GameItAll


      I had a hard time getting into it but it was definitely because of the difficulty spike which I had a hell of a time getting over.
      Aside from that - it is Advanced Wars and it doesn't even try to hide that fact, so if you're a fan of the series (because we know Nintendo will never do another one) then I recommended it.

    3. Legit_Dinosaur


      ahhah damn¬! 

  9. Riverbond, common and join your friends, with Luc the Pug and Sly the Human we're on a hopeless quest, it's Riverbond. The guys use their trial of the Xbox Game Pass to try out the super cute Voxel Hack'n'slash, Riverbond, and learn of a evil force stealing the world's Elder Spirits, so it's up to the two idiots doing what they do best, deforestation and beating up everything in sight. wait...
  10. It's been a crazy ride but it's time to take down the big bad. Will Lucas and Pentavus be able to do it? Special thanks to Joymasher and The Arcade Crew for providing us a review copy to play. You can read our review for the game here!
  11. I feel like we need some ridiculousness today - so we're playing Saints Row IV on Twitch.


  12. While the boys slowly lose their minds, after receiving a brutal beating, they finally crawl their way to the final showdown, only to wake up a giant freaking mech. Special thanks to Joymasher and The Arcade Crew for providing us a review copy to play. You can read our review for the game here!
  13. Hoverbikes, Robot Bears, Acid Snakes and more. Mission 5 of Blazing Chrome wants Lucas and Pentavus to suffer.
  14. Couple of years ago I wrote a post about doing the Rocksmith 60 Day Challenge to learn how to play guitar. While it didn't make me a rockstar, I thought I did decently enough. A few months ago my guitar broke (note to self - never let your sister-in-law touch expensive stuff again), I might have to come back to the challenge.

    Anybody played Rocksmith? What are your thoughts.


      Due to Rocksmith celebrating it's 5th anniversary with an awesome concert at Slim's in San Francisco, featuring big time Rocksmith players Myles Bri


  15. The spider tank is dealt with but now Lucas is getting some Death Star Run flashbacks from Super Return of the Jedi as they fly through a difficult tunnel in third person and take down a Star Fox boss. This level took a weird turn. Special thanks to Joymasher and The Arcade Crew for providing us a review copy to play. You can read our review for the game here! Blazing Chrome Review GAMEITALL.COM Blazing Chrome has the heart and soul of Contra, delivering a fun yet hard as nails 2D shooter that is impossible to put down. Check out our Review.
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