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  1. Holy Crap! Is that a new Review?

    Yes folks, I finally dug myself out of a hole and I got several reviews on the go right now, starting with the more scathing review of the group. Skater XL Console Edition.

    "While skating around on its own can be a lot of fun, the game feels empty in comparison to other greats in the genre. While the PC version has seen some mod support to help make it great, the console edition is lacking too much for its price tag for me to justify it."


    Check out the full review!


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  2. It's round two of Fall Guys as Lucas attempts to get redemption while going for the crown, while team based matches are giving both of them pain.
  3. We finally catch up with Serial Killer X, find out the extent of the damages we inflicted on him, find the Mayor's head and go on a wild goose chase after him when he escapes... fun times.
  4. Lucas and Pentavus try Hit and Blow, Clubhouse 51's version of the Mastermind board game and attempt to figure out the code, but as things get complicated, the duo decide that they need to work together to make it look like they're smart.
  5. The guys get serious in Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics with a game of Yacht Dice, or more commonly known as Yahtzee, only to get beaten by the Joy-Con Drift.
  6. Has Lucas and Pentavus found a Battle Royale game they like? The guys take a look at Fall Guys, the battle royale game from Devolver Digital and MediaTonic in where 60 squishy cute creatures compete in an MXC style obstacle course show. It'll take patience and skill (but let's be honest, they're going to rely on dumb luck) to take the crown from 59 other players.
  7. With the bombs removed, we learn that Serial Killer X is attempting to impress the Oro, a secret organization that wants... something.
  8. It's time to be the heroes we're mean to be and save the Princess from the horrible tower and its creepy Kirby-esque eyeball, but something isn't right.
  9. Corrupt SCU agents are on the scene cleaning up any evidence of Serial Killer X, we'll have to stop them with excessive force.
  10. Continuing their VS playthrough, the guys jump to Dots and Boxes on Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics. The classic school game of... well, Dots and Boxes, as the guys attempt to trap each other into messing up in order to get the win.
  11. Lucas and Pentavus break out some classic board games in Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics on the Nintendo Switch. The two talk strategy in playing Conn... I mean 4-in-a-row, and things get intense as they pitch a Yu-gi-oh style anime based on this overly simple game.
  12. The hardest boss of the game gets even harder as lava floors, more bats, more swords and an even health than last time. With their extra lives dwindling, will the boys be able to defeat the knight?
  13. After crashing on a snowy resort (seriously where does this game take place?) We're chased by a giant bear set on showing us a bad time.
  14. How do you take out a psychotic Knight out to rip you a new one. A crossbow to the unmentionables should do the trick.
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