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  1. Thanks for more videos! 

  2. Lucas keeps sinking to new lows as the world 6 mini-castle uses ghosts platforms, but he has a chance for redemption as they take on the warship.
  3. The boys aren't through running again as Ruvik's sister tries to get her hands on them. Fire isn't going to help them now.
  4. After properly abusing their powers, Aliens have now come to Springfield and it's up to The Simpsons to save the town. But they're going to need some upgrades. It's time to head into the Game Engine!
  5. In one run, an enemy blocks the way. In the next, the enemy is gone? As if the guys didn't have enough Psychological bs from The Evil Within they're thrown some trick levels that messes with their minds.
  6. With plenty of traps and a bullet-sponge of an enemy chasing down our hero, Lucas and Pentavus must make the smart move - run and never look back.
  7. Marge's powers are put to good use to stop the Itchy and Scratchy game from being released in Springfield thanks to the ability to create angry mobs.
  8. We use Homer's fat powers to win an eating contest and use Lisa's Buddhist powers to put hundreds of forestry workers out of a job. Plus, we play frogger and save Lenny and Carl.
  9. Who would have thought that the Ice levels is where Lucas gets to shine as the two go through some maze-like levels which test their patience and attempt to deal with slipping to their deaths.
  10. Now that the power's back, the death traps begin as we get stuck with spinning blades, blazing hot closing walls and a new psycho type that just won't die.
  11. Hey PS4 users - Naughty Dog has released a code for a free Dynamic Theme for The Last of Us Part 2. Here is the code for North America.


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Looks so good!! shame i don't have a ps4 anymore 

  12. Lucas does some strategic failing in order to keep from wasting their time, while Pentavus continues to carry the group through Skyworld. Lucas needs to step up his game.
  13. The boys find their way to a death trap filled with more psychos and spinning razor blades.
  14. Thanks for the videos and streams! 

    keep following your dreams xoxo 

  15. As we get used to Bart's new Super Powers, we also find out Homer's dream abilities are also real! What better way to put it to good use than an eating contest
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