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  1. Ren looks into the occultist who lived in the Veiled house, a house that would disappear and reappear with the fog. But first, we have to play hide and seek with a familiar face.
  2. New KnockOut City event has started, changing up the game modes each round and keeping a special ball locked for the day. Lucas jumps in to see if he can boost his ranking and see what other game modes he's missing.
  3. Let's combine the creepiest types of ghosts - Children and Dolls - into one level filled with so many 'Nope' moments that we're surprised that we're still early in the game. Fourth Drop gives us more questions and a better look at what could have made the mountain haunted.
  4. We take control of a new character and explore the Inn from the first level again, with more ghosts, what feels like a weaker camera, and more insight into the curse of Mt. Hikami.
  5. The man of Steel hasn't had many good games - however this is one of them. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment pre-Starcraft and Activision Dumpster Fire, The Death and Return of Superman is the video game retelling of the famous DC Comics arc in which Superman falls to Doomsday and four other Supermen rise to take his place. A classic 2D beat'em up, with multiple playable versions of Superman and some tough brawls.
  6. Lucas goes retro with one of the few good LJN games - and one of the best Spider-Man games made, Spider-Man and Venom in Maximum Carnage! -
  7. It's time for some more head-splitting action as we move from the Turtles to Batman as he takes on Catwoman and the Penguin in Batman Returns (which Lucas briefly calls Batman Begins before realizing he got the wrong game.) Based on the hit movie starring Danny Devito, Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Keaton, we play as The Dark Knight as he enjoys his favourite pastime - beating up clowns in this brutal 2D Beat'em up from Konami.
  8. Halloween may have ended, but Lucas has a new Horror game that he has to play through - the updated Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water on Playstation 5. How well does the game translate from the Wii U to modern consoles? Is it as scary as the originals?
  9. Lucas has a new Multiplayer Addiction thanks to this month's Playstation Plus update, as he takes to the streets of Knock Out City, the Dodgeball Multiplayer game from EA's indie line.
  10. The guys start the invasion to rescue the princesses, catapulting into action against the beekeeper kingdom and their allies.
  11. The forest is no safe haven as we find something that scares the $#!% out of the animals. Plus, we fight a giant Cat monster and invade another kingdom to get our princesses back.
  12. Ah, Steve and Izzy of Everything I Learned from Movies bestowed this "gem" upon the podcast... Luckily, Nathan and Brendan are not alone and they bring Brent (Home Video Hustle) on-board to help them dive into another Uwe Boll videogame adaptation - Bloodrayne. The guys talk about everything from the horrible wigs, Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley slumming it, Michelle Rodriguez's accent, the prison sex scene and much more.
  13. ***Spoiler for Act 2*** It's time to make a get away by using Jeff as a sled and to get away from a hoard of angry lumberjacks and gymnasts. Special Thanks to Microsoft for providing us a copy of this game, which is available now on the Microsoft Game Store and Game Pass.
  14. Lucas and Pino are joined by Phil on tonight's podcast - as the guys talk about leaks killing what could have been an amazing Netflix series, Needing more time on Sands of Time remake, and Capcom knowing exactly what doors they were opening with Resident Evil Village's new villain.
  15. New Review up on our site.
    This one feels like it's beating a dead horse but I figured if I'm writing review again, I might as start with what I consider the worst game on 2020. WWE Battlegrounds. 


    The TL;DR is that this game is a complete waste of time - but if you need more reasons why , check out our review.


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