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  1. Going live in a few with Call of Duty Modern Warfare on Twitch and possibly some single-player game after.



    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Hope you had a good stream yo! 

  2. It's been a crappy week but I decided it's a good time to jump back into streaming, since season 2 is wrapping on COD:MW I figured it's a good time to work on that Battle Pass I've been ignoring because of... Well everything else that's happened.
    So jumping on Twitch in about 10-15 minutes for about an hour so stop on by.

  3. New Review up on GameItAll - Persona 5 Royal

    "I’ve found it hard to find something bad to say about Persona 5 Royal, as most of the game’s annoyances has been cleared up thanks to the updated quality of life improvements, gameplay enhancements and additions. Even Morgana forcing you to sleep has been fixed and players can still do some events even after dealing with Palaces or Mementos, which helps a lot when it comes to building up social rankings, stats or making new thief tools.

    But the main question is – is this upgrade worth your money, especially at a full price?"

    Review is based on the review copy provided by Atlus



  4. Despite throwing his money around at the beginning of the game, Pentavus makes some deals and comes to be a lethal contender in the property game. Which leaves Lucas fighting to stay afloat.
  5. After a long hiatus and suffering from boredom of social isolation - Lucas and Pino bring back the GameItAll Podcast and talk about Resident Evil 3 remake, their feelings on Doom Eternal, Persona 5 Royal and how our current pandemic may delay physical releases. Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/grimm_gia
  6. Got some updates for Virtu-Con 2020 as more guests have been announced!

    Mac Jackson of "Never Gets Old" Podcast who runs the Macgyver & Stargate SG 1 Audio Series.

    Bill Nikolai, actor from Stargate SG - 1 (Technician Vern Alberts)

    Dean Aylesworth, played "Anubis" on Stargate SG-1 and a young Bill Mulder on the X-Files.
    Jim Beaver who played Bobby in Supernatural will also be doing a Q&A

    If you missed my first post about it - Virtu-Con is being hosted by a team in Miramichi, New Brunswick Canada who is looking to try to do something fun for every while we're experiencing this pandemic, so they are hosting a comic/anime/game convention online via Facebook Live!

    If you're interested be sure to check out their Facebook page for more updates!

  7. How's it going guys and gals. Haven't been updating in a while because I've been sick (normal flu not the plague.) Feeling better but so we'll get back to usual schedule of news posting on our site plus the GameItAll Podcast and Twitch/Youtube streams are coming back.

    But that's an aside point to what I want to talk about. People in my community of Miramichi New Brunswick Canada has had their first taste of a comic convention and it resonated pretty well with the community - and now that everything is on lockdown they want to try again in another way - a Virtu-Con if you will and of course - everyone is invited.

    This is going to be done live on Facebook on April 4th at 10am Atlantic (9am EST). While I'm not sure what the events will be at the moment except we do have a live Q&A from Jim Beaver who is probably best known as Bobby from Supernatural.

    So if it's something you're interested in seeing - stop on by This link! to say you're interested and get updates.

  8. Platypunk and Birdo dance around Lucas and Pentavus using their computer-powers to control the die. Meanwhile, Lucas takes drastic measures and follows one of Pentavus' examples to get some money back.
  9. After failing to let Kidman finish the job, the guys find themselves in the Subway. With plenty of explosives and bear-traps everywhere, they wonder if there is a light at the end of this tunnel.
  10. We continue our journey to catch all the Sparklemon to free Mr.Sparkle from the underworld - which brings us to the Ice World and a Final Fantasy inspired Airship.
  11. Zombies, Demons, and Tiles, oh my! Continuing our Reviews from the Crypt, Fat Adam and Phatter Phil take a look at Tile Based Horror games such as Zombies and Betrayal at House on the Hill! This Episode of All on the Table is sponsored by Comic Hunter! Comic Hunter specializes in back issues, with a backstock reaching all the way back to the Golden Age. They buy, sell and trade, and will happily accept your wantlist and search for the comics you need at their two locations in Moncton New Brunswick and Charlottetown PEI. They also buy, sell and trade Magic: the Gathering singles which you can buy in store and online at http://comichunter.net/
  12. The guys find themselves agreeing with Kidman on her controversial method of getting out of the world alive or at least preventing Ruvik from escaping.
  13. Homer and Lisa jump into the land of Japanese games, where Milhouse is king and has trapped Mr. Sparkle. It's time to catch some sparklemon, brave the fire world and get ready for some turn-based battles.
  14. After accidentally upgrading one of his shops by the maximum amount of money - Pentavus hopes that one of the players will be landing one overly priced square on the market.
  15. Now that they've gotten a few rounds out of the way, it's time to figure out how to actually play the game! From owning multiple lands, upgrading lands, offering to buy land and stealing land from other players. The back-stabbing begins.
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