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Game Pro Bros

  1. El Chalupa and The Fireman go on their latest adventure, shooting people in the chonk, searching zombie butts for loot, and gunning on screaming loudspeaker zombies in the midst of the fart gas epidemic.
  2. The Bros go killing rats who are really just dwarf midget red wrinkled nutsac warriors. All in a day's work for a shinobi.
  3. Shaggy and Scooy-Doo share a unique relationship when the bros take control of them. They remain BFFs, even through wrestling matches, attempted mouth love, and coach pats. Time for human fall flat coop gameplay!
  4. You can't friendly fire people if they ain't friends, but you also can barely hurt anyone at all with friendly fire on the starter difficulty in World War Z. Good for the bros, since they shoot each other and set each other on fire alot!
  5. Play as Bronan or Xena in this adventure that's a shoddy port of the Amiga game. Or just watch Cash suffer through it and save yourself the headache of the crappy controls!
  6. The bros fight the shinobi hunter, gear up with new weapons, and have a chance encounter with their huge ninja dad who is probably very proud of them.
  7. Cash doesn't know why he's being chased by a ghost cow, but that's just part of being on planet Earth as Toejam and Earl.
  8. Brand thinks everyone is a terry and starts draxing fools without discrimination. Cash dies. Bears die. Cultists die. Everyone dies except the Ford F-150
  9. This Best of the Bros #15 contains clips from these games and episodes: Far Cry 5 #1: https://youtu.be/uR2O2MOmrBE Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice #5: https://youtu.be/R4H3WqCzu6E Resident Evil 2 (2019) #21: https://youtu.be/J4wSTT7Gwqw Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice #6: https://youtu.be/zTX91HaX1sQ Wolverine: Adamanitum Rage: https://youtu.be/k_IacT54QD0
  10. Cash develops his own adamantium rage after this game leaves him barely capable of a wolverine snikt without a complex series of crappy controls.
  11. The Chained Ogre takes a dive in this exciting WWE event and Brand start exacting revengeance on everyone that tries to clash blades with the Ninja Warrior.
  12. The bros strap on their mullets and Daisy Dukes and take Hope County out for a wild ride full of rocket launchers, physics failures, and man bun exterminations.