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  1. Mother Simulator gets serious by introducing ice storms, earthquakes, and a picky baby, while Cash continues to be an abusive father and husband to the Game Pro Bros family.
  2. The Bros challenge Dutch to a race to prove it's no country for old men, fight the evils of the racists that live in the woods, and refuse to raise another man's child.
  3. It's a zero mistakes perfect speedrun playthrough (no it isn't) of the first Hitman 2 Elusive Target - Sean Bean
  4. The bros set off on their old timey adventure, somewhere abouts chapter 3 of the game so you don't have to learn how horse works and walk through the snow level for two hours.
  5. The Bros travel back to the ****teenhundreds and get drone-sniped by Leviticus Cornwall before musing about the state of Mumm-Ra's mummy jerky penor.
  6. Brand experiences the trials and tribulations of being a single mother, with an evil wicked step-brother who insults his efforts as a proud independent woman. He overcomes this to become LeMom James, the best WNBA player in the world.
  7. This is indeed the most totally accurate battlegrounds game we've ever played. Also the matches are way faster than pubg, both to start and play.