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  1. The bros cobble together the parts to bring their monster creation to life in this episode of Human Fall Flat!
  2. The bros encounter this game's version of wallmasters, fight more grim reaper bells, and accidentally start a throwdown with a statue that can forgive their sins. Blasphemous!
  3. The Bros move through the zone Where Olive Trees Wither and encounter their new best friend Cimbalillo before making haste to Graveyard of the Peaks.
  4. The bros finally work out the last puzzles of the aztec level and move on to The Dark level!
  5. While not a Flashback Friday game, the bros have played the rest of the Mario Kart games for Flashback Friday. So Mario Kart 8 deluxe is only here as a technicality to continue the series in one spot!
  6. The bros become masters of the lever and shaft in this Human Fall Flat adventure. They're near the end of level 9's Aztec setting, and are nearly ready to advance to the Dark level!
  7. The bros simulate real human hands in this episode of Hand Simulator, where they race go karts, load assault rifles, and defuse a bomb all with the power of friendship.
  8. Team Game Pro Bros is blasting off again by taking control of Ash Ketchum and his loyal zap mouse Pikachu! Human and Pokemon alike are going to fall flat this time!
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