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  1. Special Investigator Norman Jayden must geoanawyse da data wif awl da dedidated wam for duh clues for da wailwoad.
  2. The bros use modern technology to enjoy a classic Nintendo 64 game together in co-op for the first time!
  3. The bros escape the burning cave of wonders and take a trip to Genie's lamp as they venture deeper into Aladdin for the Sega Genesis.
  4. The bros hop into a new primary primate in the form of Titty Kong, the saggy breasted matriarch, and Big Dooka, the granddaddy of Homo Gameprobro Erectus.
  5. How many different ways can one man pronounce the name Shaun? Find out in today's episode of Heavy Rain, by genius magnificent time warlock David Cage
  6. It's little cupcake boy versus shit cake in the latest round of Cake Bash, where delicious pastries compete to be the tastiest confection but the bros just end up salty AF.
  7. The bros meet more of the cast of rich characters from the briulliant visionary mind of DAVID CAGE. Now they learn the rich backstories of Detective Roast Beef, Tammy Wiseau, and Agent Normal Walken.
  8. The bros return to Agrabah and help Prince 'Aliabwabwa' through Jafar's sex dungeon and the cave of wonder and mysteries.
  9. Put on a muffin wrapper, coat yourself in frosting, and prepare to get bitched in Cake Bash with the Bros!
  10. From the brilliant visionary genius directorial mind of DAVID CAGE, we learn all about JAY-SAWN!
  11. The bros begin a simian legacy in Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey. Join the bros and the Dankey Kang family as they try to survive and create a prospering society until a pandemic or like one big eagle wipes them out.
  12. The bros enter another thrilling and deep David Cage adventure where your decisions probably don't matter at all and all actors have weird quasi-French accents; Heavy Rain.
  13. The bros travel back in time to revisit an ancient tale from the long forgotten year of 1992 in the Sega Genesis version of Disney's Aladdin.
  14. The bros go to the distant future with no usable RTX features and glitchy movement. It's just like Cyberpunk 2077, but this is...Cyberpunk 2078.
  15. The bros take another STAB at Shepherd Virgil Edwards and despite using no teamwork whatsoever and bickering at each other, manage to pull the job off!
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