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  1. WIN Battle Chasers: Nightwar in this #FreeCodeFriday #Giveaway! You can enter now at  http://bit.ly/gpbbcnw

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  2. The bros lament not being able to play Cyberpunk 2077 yet, but they still have a blast beating down Unholy Goalie in Cyberpunk 2076 and teach him who run Bartertown.
  3. The bros come to collect on the Taxman in the latest episode of Huntdown.
  4. #GiveawayAlert! We're giving away a copy of Frostpunk this week! You can get your entries for the #giveaway in at https://bit.ly/gpbfpu !

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  5. Join the bros on a 'murica trip as they revisit a retro game that lets them take on the role of Mikey Murica on the Fourth of July fighting off soviet commies from New York City.
  6. If you watch closely, Cash is the one that goes crazy punching robots and Brand is the one yelling 'Oh shit!' when he presses the wrong button.
  7. Is Jodie really Jason Bourne's sister? She can fight her way off a train like she is, and we don't know much about her, so anything is possible!
  8. In the near future of Just Die Already, everyone wants all these boomers to die; but they're not going out without a fight where they'll destroy the town and cause mayhem wherever they go.
  9. The bros head to CIA training camp where Cash gets the beatdown from Butterbean and Mister Miyagi before taking control of his powers and becoming Semi-Solid Snake after intense training.
  10. #FreeCodeFriday is back. Enter to win #Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice in our latest #Giveaway! This one ends July 3rd, so don't delay to enter!


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  11. The bros fight such memorable enemies as Frankenberry and Gep-pedo and his real doll boy in this Data East horror beat 'em up.
  12. The bros encounter a boss that finally gives them some serious trouble. Using the power of yelling and swearing, can they defeat Shell Shock Murdoch?
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