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Game Pro Bros

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  1. The bros help a midwestern mom despite misgivings, and immediately are proven right for not trusting Big Debbie to not cause a zombie outbreak on the path leading out of the subway.
  2. The bros enter the world of HITMAN 2 and get right down to the business of locating all the obscene, immature, and horrible ways you can kill your targets as the world's greatest, and most ridiculous assassin.
  3. The bros take the sage advice of some really helpful commenters to their last Hunt Showdown video to up their game in this episode.
  4. The bros finally enter the subway area in Leon and Helena's campaign, and Brand learns you can't leave Cash unattended next to the subway platform.
  5. What was that? It was the thing I'm not gonna be around to find out what it was, I can tell you that.
  6. The bros discuss Kim KarCATshian and Cash can't figure out how to use green herb in Resident Evil 6 episode 2.
  7. The bros just want to play VR games, but have to fend off all these Harry Potter characters, including the teacher who blows Snape in the janitor's closet.
  8. This #Halloween night, the bros play #TheBlackoutClub and work together as a ragtag group of teenagers to stop the supernatural cult taking over their town!

    Watch on YOUR platform of choice tonight, Halloween 2018 @ 10PM ET/7PM PT
    YT: https://www.youtube.com/gameprobros
    Twitch: http://twitch.tv/gameprobros
    Mixer: https://mixer.com/gameprobros


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