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  1. Prepare to be scared of every snapping twig and gust of wind on this journey to the House in the Woods.
  2. Betray your bro, buy that Japanese Katana Sword, and pick the awful tornado powerup, because it's time to play Crawl!
  3. Agent Norman Jayden of the bureau of bad names shows off his Krav Maga skills to Officer Bad Cop during Ethan Mars' interrogation on the latest episode of Heavy Rain, the genius game for big brain 200 IQ French winners.
  4. Two bros enter, one bro leaves, and one bro gets a bunch of upgrades to give them a shotgun-rocket-launcher-that-shoots-heat-seeking-bouncy-missiles to make things more fair!
  5. The bros stop over in a quaint hotel and spend the night on the thirteenth floor. But Cash hears a little girl singing in the night and it all goes downhill from there!
  6. Blessed be, brothers and sisters in Christ. Game Pro Bros is now a family-friendly Christian channel. We will be removing all of our old videos and replacing them with wholesome family Christian content without swears moving forward.
  7. Beef plays a round of golf at the local country club and Ethan's job as a crack delivery uber eats driver takes a turn for the worse.
  8. The bros stop over at a hotel and encounter ghosts and an unfriendly killer by the name of Jimmy on this Fearday.
  9. Madison spends another night creeping around Ethan's room despite him looking like he crawled out of a McDonald's dumpster, proving again that she's horny for homeless.
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