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  1. The bros jump into the co-op heaven and hell that is Heave Ho, which relies heavily on their excellent teamwork skills.
  2. Saw you made an upload today in puzzle games! 
    just wanted to say! KEEP IT UP! 

  3. Not even Boss Hog's barrel barrier can stop the bros from shooting him to death and burying him without his money in this rooty tooty point and shooty retro cowboy adventure! YEEHAW!
  4. The bros take on their first (mini) boss the horror in the sewer kill shroud, and figure out if this is going to be a hard game or not. Luckily for them, death is not permanent in this game.
  5. The bros oil up, slap on their spedos, and defy gravity with every part of their bodies, especially the boners, in Mount Your Friends 3D!
  6. The bros take on the Northbury Slasher in one last bid to defeat him. With their last Game Pro Boos of the season, will they manage to off the killer? Or will he return for a sequel next year?
  7. Featuring your favorite B movie special effects, it's the Game Pro Boos 2019 Halloween Special. The bros are off on the hunt for bigfoot!
  8. The bros enter the final LEG of Tom Barton's DARQ adventure and reach the ending which leaves more questions and has an action-packed chase sequence!
  9. Hey bros and bras! We've got another #horror game giveaway for you all! Enter for your chance to win Outlast 2! http://bit.ly/gpboutlast2 
    Following us on twitter is a great way to keep up to date of new videos and giveaways! https://twitter.com/gameprobros


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