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  1. Hey everyone. We've got out latest #freegame giveaway going with Nightdive's PC release of Turok. No weird stuff required. Just a few links to click and you're entered. We announce winners on our twitter and contact via email. Good luck everyone who enters! http://bit.ly/gpbturok 

    TUROK Giveaway.jpg

  2. It very may well be one of the worst games ever made, but the bros are going to try to trip and fall and nyeh-nyeh-nyeh and rock fight their way through as much of Dark Castle as they can in one episode.
  3. The bros become one with the hungry bioweapon of Carrion and rampage through their holding facility, eating every Karen in accounting in this demo where YOU get to be the terrifying monster.
  4. Venture out into the apocalypse with the bros in search of bullets, pop-tarts, and hand sanitizer in the exciting demo for the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake!
  5. The bros take on a third job at the local grocery store and have to fend off mindless consumers who keep interrupting their stocking duties in this quasi-horror game
  6. #FreeCodeFridayContest returns! Enter our latest giveaway at the link 👉 http://bit.ly/gpbmcb to win Override: Mech City Brawl! 

    Mech City Brawl Giveaway.jpg

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      Hella yeah! 

  7. Hey Bros and Bras! You might notice a paid promotion in our Flashback Friday video of Rolling Thunder 2. We've done paid ads before for gamesplanet whom we have had a great relationship with, and early on in the channel's creation we talked and agreed to would only run ads directly in videos for products or sites we actually use, and/or products that let us run ads OUR way. We originally submitted the ad you see for Raid Shadow Legends and had it rejected, and let the advertiser know we completely understood why and that we were fine with them cancelling the ad due to the content we designed.


    A day or two later, we received response back that they were okay with the ad. That means we got to swear as much as we always do, and we also got to run OUR concept for the ad as we designed it. Sure, we do say the lines they need their audience to hear, but we got to talk to our audience too. The audience that plays mobile games when they poop. Now, however you may feel about paid promotions, we'd like you to just consider for a moment that an advertiser that's willing to let us be ourselves in an ad is a cool thing and we'd just like to put a thanks here where our community can see it, to Raid Shadow Legends for understanding it's important to let channels be themselves while talking about a product. That's all we wanted to say, and don't worry, you aren't about to see promotions inserted into every video anytime soon. Thanks for reading and check out the Rolling Thunder 2 video for the usual awful gameplay skills and bad jokes!

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