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Game Pro Bros

  1. Well you got your semi-auto queefcannon which can put out about thirty QPM and your assault queefer which can put out a good hundred QPM, but if you wanna take a big target down, you're gonna need this baby, and she can put out about 186 Queefs per Minute.
  2. Is it World War Z or Human Fall Flat? Why not both in another wild bro-op adventure?
  3. Brand takes on the role of that Dummy Thick Meme Da-ba-dee-ba-da-ba By Eiffel 69 or whatever, and Cash plays as either Bill Rizer or Lance Bean, whoever the red guy in Super C is in this dummy thick co-op adventure.
  4. If the bros were in a gang beasts gang they'd be the beasts you don't wanna mess with since they'll slap you with sausage and throw you off a roof.
  5. It's the new Tom and Jerry show and it's definitely NOT family-friendly since it stars the Game Pro Bros!
  6. 98 Claire slaps her claw hands all over Sherry's face while brand turns this into an episode darker than Game of Thrones when he tries to throw Sherry over a railing in the NEST.
  7. The bros keep wrecking shop as Tom and Jerry and progress into a castle via Catapults. And did I mention catapults!? Plus There is CATAPULTS!!!
  8. In the World War Z, the most dangerous things you encounter are the randos that are in your game because you can't make a private match right now...and your bro.
  9. Everything in Ashina Castle is all sword guys and cannon guys and lots of guys you just don't wanna hang out with.
  10. The bros keep wrecking shop as Jason and The Mummy and progress into a castle that Cash is determined to make a perverted S&M dungeon in today's episode of Human Fall Flat!
  11. Bros! Bras! Enter for your chance to win our Assassin's Creed Origins giveaway: http://bit.ly/gpbaco 

    AC Origins Giveaway.png

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  12. The bros duel of the fates their way through Star Wars Episode 1 Jedi Power Battles co-op mode, and are harshly punished for Cash's many fails at jumping puzzles by Mace Windu's lightsaber not being purple.