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  1. JAMES O'MALLEY heads to the diner at the end of the silent hill in the demo for Chasing Static
  2. The bros venture deep into Heisenberg's factory wehre mecha Karens are being constructed to take over the village and eventually the world.
  3. The bros venture deeper into Heisenberg's foundry and discover brand new horrible enemies to fight!
  4. One Ethan Winters and literally endless wolf monsters enter. Only one man leaves! Welcome. To THUNDAHDOME!
  5. The bros reimagine Moreau as a dopey boy who craves his mother's love at all costs and fight more big wolf dudes.
  6. Make sure not to lose your shield and goblin or it goes downhill fast, even with your ghost bro helping you out.
  7. If I had to choose one reason why Brand is so good at Crawl, I guess I'd have to choose BIG CLUB.
  8. The bros find Cash's crusty old crank in the swamp and follow it up by bullying a gross fish boy.
  9. The bros clean up a little last minute looting, have dinner with the Duke, and then head off to take on Moreau.
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